How do you get the droid in Kotor?

How do you get the droid in Kotor?

Knights of the Old Republic T3-M4 cannot be purchased until after Revan agrees to the deal made by Canderous Ordo. This is due to T3-M4’s previous purchase by Canderous for the Exchange. After Revan met Canderous, though, T3-M4 was given to Revan, to aid him in his quest to break into the Sith Base on Taris.

Should I destroy the droid Kotor?

Your options are to destroy the droid and tell the woman that you’ve destroyed it. This will eventually net her a real-life companion and is the Light Side choice to make. The neutral choice is to make him go back to her, which he’ll agree to do.

How do you get infinite money in Kotor?

How to get free money in KOTOR:

  1. Get the Ebon Hawk.
  2. Land on Tatooine.
  3. Sell all your computer spikes to the merchant that’s right in the landing area there.
  4. Go back on board, and talk to T3M4, he should be in the middle area with Zaalbar.
  5. Do step 4 ten more times.
  6. Sell your 11 free spikes for 60 credits each.

How do you beat the elevator droid in Kotor?

User Info: Revanlation. Well you can press b to exit out of combat mode, select the energy conduit in the corner, and select bash to destroy it and get rid of the shield on the droid, then destroying the droid should be easier.

Who do I give the Rakghoul serum to?

The player can, for 1000 credits, sell the rakghoul serum to Zax in the Lower City bounty office. If the player’s persuade skill is sufficiently high, they can convince Zax to pay 1500 credits instead.

Is handon or Rickard lying?

You won’t get much more out of Rickard, but out of Handon you will find that the victim was sleeping with his wife! Motive, motive indeed. Talk to Bolook now, and answer with the answer that Handon is lying, but make sure to choose the choice that explicitly says that he was lying about the gun being stolen!

Can you go back to Dantooine Kotor?

Dantooine will also become off-limits at one point (which the story will make clear). Also, once you go to the final planet, you can’t go back to any of the others.

Where is Sith base Kotor?

After you purchase T3-M4, you have the option of putting it in your party. And you’ll need to, if you want to break into the Sith base, which is aptly located across from the droid store, in an independent compound.

Are there any glitches in the game of Kotor?

This article documents the common and notorious glitches that you are likely to encounter when playing the game of KOTOR. For Glitches concerning KOTOR II, please read that game’s glitch page rather than this one. It is not an exhaustive list of every anomaly that may possibly occur.

Are there any glitches in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic?

Have Trask open the second door and right at the beginning of the fight, save. Finish the fight. Reload your save, walk BACK through the hall, the second Carth cutscene will glitch and transport you PAST the bridge. You will be a level 1 and able to leave. This is a useful glitch if you want to have a level 1 Anything/ 19 Jedi.

How do you play Star Wars KOTOR on Xbox One?

Plug two controllers into your Xbox. Outside the doors to the final battle with Malak (don’t open them!), push down both triggers <i>and press the Y Button on both controllers at the same time. You’ll need a third hand or a friend to pull this off.

How to do the Dark Side in Star Wars KOTOR?

Finish game on the Dark Side (by doing evil and accepting the Dark path) to see the <i>Dark Side ending</i>. Anytime you are in a safe area (not in combat or inside a room) you can instantly heal yourself. Go to the Map screen in the pause menu and hit the X Button to instantly leap back to the Ebon Hawk.

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