How many items can you get from a PokeStop?

How many items can you get from a PokeStop?

You can receive from 3 to 9 items from a PokeStop, but the most common amount is 3-5. There is also an XP bonus if you receive more than 6 items from a PokeStop. If you get 3-6 items, you receive the regular 50 XP.

How many gifts can you get from PokeStops a day?

When you spin a pokestop there is a chance of receiving a gift, however the cap for the maximum number of gifts you can have at a time is 9 gifts. If you were to keep sending your friends gifts without continually hitting the cap then you would be able to send 100 in a day.

How do you get more items on PokeStops?

Gather up a group of player for a leveling party, then go to a small area that has multiple PokeStops, and harvest all the loot at these PokeStops. Then, have one person set a lure at each PokeStop, because then you can catch a swarm of Pokemon that’ll appear.

How close do you have to be to a PokeStop to spin it?

80 meters
Niantic Labs has reverted recent changes made to the spin distance in Pokemon Go, allowing players to hit up PokeStops from a safer distance than what was implemented earlier this month. Now, instead of a 40-meter distance needed to spin a PokeStop, players will only need to be 80 meters aways to take a spin. You may like this Can you split Steam games between drives?

Can I turn my house into a PokeStop?

Unfortunately, nominations for PokéStops cannot be accepted for any private residences, so it is not possible to have a PokéStop at your home. Examples of locations that are eligible for PokéStop nominations include historical sites, famous buildings, public parks, trail signs, schools, churches, and transit stations.

How do you get a unique PokeStop?

For Every 10th PokeStop, you spin will unlock Unique Bonus and rewards you with 6+ items(any) and a 100 XP instead of 50. Now there is a catch in this trick, you must be spinning a chain of unique stops and not the duplicate one.

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