What are the cheats for the Sims 2?

What are the cheats for the Sims 2?

Press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the cheat console. Add 1,000 dollars to household funds: Kaching Move unmovable objects and put them in illegal places: Moveobjects on/off Changes Sim’s height: StretchSkeleton 1.0 where 1.0 is the default. (Courtesy Ellen Tansey) Toggles notification of available game patches: Autopatch on/off

Where do I Find my snapshots in Sims 2?

Use Alt + Tab to exit the game, then open a picture program such as Paint and open the snapshot you just took, it will usually be in the folder: C:My DocumentsEASims2StorytellingSnapshot.bmp Then, you also have to open the picture you want to have in your game.

What can you do with shift in Sims 2?

It allows you to click on a sim and change their aspiration or aspiration bar, give them an illness, kill them, add sims to the family without asking them to move in or marrying them, and tons of other stuff. You press shift and then click on something and it shows you the available options.

How to add custom notes to Sims 2?

Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. While in Create-a-Sim, press Shift + N before creating your first sim to enable skintones, clothes, and hairstles that would normally be used only by NPCs. Press Shift + M to disable it. While in Live mode, Shift + Click on a sim to bring up the debug menu. You may like this Where do you find the Ghost Ship Chart?

How do you enter cheats in Sims 2?

Cheat Codes cheats for The Sims 2. Firstly, bring up the cheat console by pressing CTL + Shift + C at the same time. Then you can enter any of the following codes for the corresponding effect: Just enter ‘exit’ to close the cheat console. You can also enter ‘expand’ or ‘contract’ to make the cheat console bigger or smaller.

What are some Sims 2 cheats?

Film Settings. Makes a letterbox view of a designated size: letterbox (0.0-0.4)

  • C to bring up the cheat console.
  • Test Mode. boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true: This cheat was used in the making and programming of The Sims 2 to test objects and sims.
  • Combine Aspiration Rewards.
  • 000 Cash.

    Do you know any Sims 2 cheats?

    University cheats

  • Nightlife cheats. Add or extract money for a chosen family.
  • Open for Business cheats
  • Pets cheats
  • Seasons cheat
  • FreeTime cheats
  • buy mode tools in an apartment room (can give problems when used outside room).
  • Lot cheats
  • Neighbourhood cheats
  • Filmmaking cheats. Not really sure.

    Which are cheats for Sims 2 in PlayStation 2?

    Llama (Buy it from fridge)

  • Beet (Buy from fridge)
  • Squid (Harvest from an aquarium in your house)
  • it’s the only oil without the word “oil” at the end of it’s name.

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