Where do you find the female ant in Twilight Princess?

Where do you find the female ant in Twilight Princess?

Kakariko Village

Where is the male ladybug Twilight Princess?

Ladybug. You can find the male Ladybug by a vine covered pillar in the field south of Castle Town. The female ladybug hangs out near the group of three trees on the concrete entrance leading into Castle Town from the south.

What do you need rupees for in Twilight Princess?

Donating 2000 rupees and malo mart will unlock , you will unlock magic armor that make you invicible by spending rupees, just spend 598 rupees to buy it. If don’t want to pay 2000 rupees do another sidequests to reduce money to 200 rupees.

How do you get the spring water Goron in Twilight Princess?

Talk to the strange Goron in front of Kakariko’s Malo Mart and accept to transport hot spring water. You then have to bring a barrel to the Goron in front of the western bridge of Castle Town. Cross the field while avoiding/fighting the enemies.

How long does spring water stay hot Twilight Princess?

Twilight Princess Hot Springwater cools within three minutes, turning into normal Water while losing its health-restoring properties.

Where is the new Malo Mart?

Malo Mart is a store chain, originating in Kakariko Village, that is opened by Malo in Twilight Princess. The first shop, the one in Kakariko Village, is opened by Malo once Link has restored light to the Eldin Province….Malo Mart.

GamesTwilight Princess
LocationCastle Town Kakariko Village

How do I make it day in Twilight Princess?

There IS a way though it’s a bit impractical since it is waaaaaaaaaaay late in the game. Anyways what you do is: simply enter City in the Sky. Yeah that it. Enter it and then return to Lake Hylia and kaboom insta-day.

How do you get the Hylian Shield in Twilight Princess?

In Twilight Princess, the Hylian Shield becomes available before entering the Goron Mines in the newly established Malo Mart in Kakariko Village for 200 Rupees. It can also be bought (for a slightly higher price of 210 Rupees) from a Goron in Hyrule Castle Town.

Where can I buy arrows in Kakariko village Twilight Princess?

Search for a door south from the central place. You’ll get into a place with a goron and his son that sells some stuffs. I’m sure you can get arrows there. You can also get some at Malo’s Mart if you did the thermal spring water quest.

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