Why is my computer unable to read my external hard drive?

Why is my computer unable to read my external hard drive?

Some of them are listed below: System unable to read external hard drive due to virus attack Hard Drive failure can restrict PC from reading it The disk drive may be corrupted and a system unable to read Windows OS may be creating some trouble and restrict to read the external hard drive Note: – The external hard disk won’t reading in Windows PC.

Why is my external hard drive not showing up in BIOS?

If you still can’t see the drive in BIOS, you can check the USB port is “OK”. First of all, you need to unplug the external hard drive and plug it into another USB port to see if it works. If you have connected the drive via USB hub, connect it to computer itself.

How to recover files from external hard drive not detected?

How to recover files from external hard drive not detected? Step 1: download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, install and launch it. Step 2: Choose Removable Disk Drive from the main window and select the external hard drive. Step 3: click on the Scan button to scan the selected external hard drive.

How to solve external hard drive not showing up in Windows 10?

→ Hard drive not showing up in Disk Management 1 Press “ Windows ”+ “ R ”, enter “ devmgmt.msc ” and hit “ Enter ”. 2 Click “ Disk Drives ”; if the external hard drive is with a yellow exclamation mark, it is problematic. 3 Right-click the problematic drive, select “ Properties ”, and read the message carefully. You may like this What version is my Xbox 360?

Why is my computer not reading hard drive?

Computer Cannot read data. Another cause for the computer not being able to detect your hard drive is a result of the data being corrupted. Whether it was a nasty virus, or your data was overwritten, you computer is having accessing the data stored on your hard drive.

What is the problem with my external hard drive?

Malware or virus infection

  • Bad sectors
  • or EXE files
  • Damaged hard drive partition
  • Disk write protection
  • Incorrect drive format
  • etc.

    Why is my USB external hard drive not showing up?

    The most direct reason why an external hard drive is not detected by computer is a broken USB port. You should try to connect the hard drive via another USB port or on another computer. If the USB device not recognized problem is solved, it is the USB port that should be blamed.

    Can not access external hard drive?

    As explained, you cannot access an external hard drive for many reasons, for most of the time, the consequence results from either a hard drive connection problem or hard drive self corruption.

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