How do you get more weapon slots in BoTW?

How do you get more weapon slots in BoTW?

The only way to expand your weapon, bow, and shield inventories in BoTW is to collect a rare item called a Korok Seed. Using Korok Seeds as currency, you can pay to have more slots added to your inventory. However, first, you’ll have to locate Hestu the Korok and assist him in a small side quest.

What happens when you get all the Korok seeds?

The reward for collecting all 900 Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok seeds is a bit poo. Korok seeds are used for upgrading your inventory space, although you don’t even need all of them to do that. Collecting the 900th seed and handing it over to your Korok friend Hestu simply provides… a poo-shaped “gift”.

How many hours does Botw take?

50 hours

Can you get 100% Botw?

There is no overall completion percentage for other activities in the game – but you’ll also be able to track how many Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests you have completed out of the total amount in your Adventure Log. NOTE: It is important to know that there is NO REWARD for a 100% completion rate. You may like this Does Misty like Ash?

Is Botw worth 100%?

no definitely not. the main obstacle to getting 100% is the korok seeds as you know. they arent there for someone to get all 900, its actually ridiculous. instead there are 900 so that you can easily find enough to upgrade your inventory.

What does 100 BotW need?

DLC Packs:

  • 100% complete the game on Master Mode.
  • Complete the Trial of the Sword.
  • Complete the 5 added Main Quests.
  • Complete the 14 added Side Quests.
  • Obtain all added Armor sets.
  • Obtain the Travel Medallion.
  • Obtain the Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle.

How do you get the true ending in BotW?

To get the true ending, players must simply find all of Link’s forgotten memories from the time before Ganon’s rise to power, which are scattered across Hyrule in certain locations. Players are left to find each of these locations for themselves, with their only hints being a series of photos on their Sheikah Slate.

Is there a secret ending in Botw?

The only requirement for getting the true end is to recover all 18 missing memories. This means you need to save all four divine beasts, obtain the Master Sword and locate all the missing memories. Overall this isn’t too bad, though getting the Master Sword might take you some time.

Can you continue Botw after beating Ganon?

1 Answer. After you beat Ganon the game will reset to the last save before fighting him. So all your weapons/resources will be returned as they were for that save. The only thing that will change is that you get a star after your savegame or in the menu(I forgot where) to indicate that you completed the game. You may like this What is Privyet?

What is the best weapon in breath of the wild?

Master Sword

What weapon has the most durability in Botw?

Hylian shield

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