What is the best element to use in Nioh 2?

What is the best element to use in Nioh 2?

User Info: Milan_Warrior

  • Fire. 12.16% (18 votes)
  • Water. 11.49% (17 votes)
  • Lightning. 51.35% (76 votes)
  • Purity. 9.46% (14 votes)
  • Corruption. 2.7% (4 votes)
  • Paralysis. 2.03% (3 votes)
  • Poison. 10.81% (16 votes)

What does lightning damage do Nioh 2?

Lightning Damage is a Special Effect in Nioh2. Lightning Damage Increases damage of Lightning-based attacks.. Special Effects can be acquired from Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Soul Cores and Guardian Spirits and can be either fixed or selected from a random pool.

How do you increase elemental damage in Nioh 2?

To increase the elemental damage, use either Elemental Damage special effect or the similar effect for each specific elemental damage type.

What is saturation accumulation Nioh 2?

User Info: NightzeroAX. Saturation is a status debuff that occurs when water damage is stacked on an enemy. Also, Saturation increases damage dealt to enemies (if afflicted on you the same effect applies as in you take more damage). Its worth getting if the weapon you’re using can apply the effect fast. You may like this How long can you leave a PC on for?

Is purity an element Nioh 2?

Imbue Purity is a Special Effect in Nioh2. Imbue Purity Adds the Purity element to your attacks, inflicting additional Ki damage based on your enemy’s Purity resistance.

Can you get all skills in Nioh 2?

Nope, you can’t get everything, it’s lame. For weapons you get 30 points from leveling and supposedly 4 from locks.

How do you get mystic arts in Nioh 2?

When you’ve reached 120,000 proficiency with one weapon, switch to another until you have 120,000 with all 9 weapons. Then play the weapon-related dojo missions to unlock their mystic arts. If you just farm the Gozuki enemy it takes around 1 hour to reach 120,000 proficiency per weapon.

What are mystic arts in Nioh 2?

Mystic Arts – Nioh Weapon mystic arts are passive abilities that you can unlock for each weapon class, that will usually give you a pretty huge advantage in combat.

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