Where is the Kirby House in Grand Haven Michigan?

Where is the Kirby House in Grand Haven Michigan?

A West Michigan lakeshore tradition since 1873. Where Grand Haven goes for live entertainment and nightlife. Dining specials, happy hours and other offerings. Take a look inside the Kirby House.

Who are the owners of the Kirby House?

Purchased by The Gilmore family in 1989, today The Kirby is a well established and thriving community hub offering a variety of dining and entertainment options. The venue is comprised of three restaurants (Kirby House, The Grill Room, K2 Pizzeria), a nightclub (Dark Room), and a variety of special event rooms.

Why was Kirby Hall abandoned in the 1800s?

Kirby Hall was abandoned in the 1800s, its owner moving to a newer and more commodious house, and it was left to solitude and destruction. Its lead was stripped from the roof, the oak wainscoting was carried off to ornament other houses in the district, and its stones were used to mend roads.

When was the Kirby Hall in Gretton built?

Kirby Hall, near Gretton in Northamptonshire, was built from Barnack stone between 1570-1575, for Sir Humphrey Stafford, whose motto, ‘Je seray loyal,’ and the date 1572, were to be seen over the porch of the great hall, and on some of the panels of the parapet one noted the inscription, ‘Hum Fre Sta fard.’ You may like this How many times do you need to hit Metal Sonic?

When was the Kirby House in Grand Haven Michigan built?

The current structure began as a hotel built in 1873 and has changed eleven times since then. In 1900, the hotel was bought by Henry Gildner and renamed the Gildner Hotel. After its hotel days were done, the building was home to many different restaurants, one of them being Win Schuler’s, creator of the super delicious bar cheese.

Where is the Grill Room at the Kirby House?

The Grill Room, one of three unique dining experiences within the historic Kirby House at the foot of Washington Street, is an inviting place for friends and family to gather as the sun sets over Grand Haven’s Lake Michigan shore. It was on our “Cocktail… More

Who was the founder of Grand Haven Michigan?

The Kirby sits on the location of Grand Haven’s first permanent home, built by William Ferry, the town founder and also the alleged ghost of the Blue Man Legend.

How to make a to go order at Kirby House?

Click here to place a to-go order online or call 616.846.3299 .We may not be able to accept to-go orders at all times. The place to meet; the place to eat. American Grill. Pizzeria.

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