Who are some famous people whose first name starts with P?

Who are some famous people whose first name starts with P?

Singers Whose First Name Starts With P 1 Prince 2 Paul McCartney 3 Phoebe Bridgers 4 Post Malone 5 Phil Collins 6 Paula Abdul 7 Pink 8 Pharrell Williams 9 Paul Simon 10 Patrick Wilson

Who are some bands that start with the letter P?

Phunky Phantom (1) Phyllis Hyman (3) Phyllis Nelson (1) Pieces Of A Dream (1) Pierre’s Pfantasy Club (1) Pimp C (1) Pink (8) Pink Floyd (27) Pinmonkey (1)

Who are some famous singers that start with a C?

Singers Whose First Name Starts With C 1 Cherilyn Sarkisian 2 Charley Pride 3 Cardi B 4 Cha Eun-woo 5 Camila Cabello 6 Celine Dion 7 Chester Bennington 8 Cyndi Lauper 9 Christopher Lee 10 Christina Aguilera

Are there any singers whose name starts with Z?

This list of singers whose names start with Z includes people from United States, China, England, India and other countries all over the world. You may like this What is Z equal to?

Who are some artists that start with the letter P?

Song Artists Starting with “P” Peter Himmelman Petey Pablo Joanna Pacitti Martin Page Pagliaro Jennifer Paige Jean-Francois Paillard Brad Paisley Joe Palen Amanda Palmer Robert Palmer Panic!

Are there any rock bands that start with P?

Phish is a U.S.-based band known for it’s musical improvisation, extended jams, blending of genres, and hugely dedicated fan base. A unique collection of images of Pink Floyd, one of the worlds most successful and influential rock bands. British musician PJ Harvey was a distinctive voice in the early-’90s alternative rock explosion.

Who are some famous women that start with P?

1 Priyanka Chopra 2 Priscilla Presley 3 Pamela Anderson 4 Phoebe Waller-Bridge 5 Penelope Cruz 6 Pom Klementieff 7 Patricia Neal. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? 8 Park Shin-hye 9 Peggy Lipton 10 Patricia Arquette

Are there any female singers whose name starts with X?

Try as I might, I just couldn’t find a female singer whose name started with X. However I tried to throw a bit of mixture in, some of these ladies might not be well known outside their own countries or genre of music, but they all have their followers.

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