Does Sakura still love Naruto?

Does Sakura still love Naruto?

Yes, he still does. Naruto loved Sakura at the end of Shippuden and there’s nothing that happened after that, be it in Gaiden, the light novels, and even in Boruto that could’ve caused Naruto to withdraw his love from her.

Do you think Sakura is still in love with Naruto?

There is indeed some almost love like feeling left in Sakura towards Naruto. However I wouldn’t say she loves Naruto. Sasuke always barely held the line separating Sakura from changing to love Naruto. She feels sad when she sees Naruto trying to save Sasuke, however it was always at most a like, she never actually loved Naruto.

Who is a better match for Sasuke in Naruto?

Sasuke is not even present in the village most of the time. Kiba already had a deep relationship with Akamaru, but he needed a more “human” partner. And Sakura would’ve been the perfect match. Kiba would’ve thrown himself at Sakura, given the chance. But Sakura never saw him like that.

Why did Sakura tell Naruto that Sasuke was dead?

Recalling how Sakura had told him that she was desperate for Sasuke’s love, how she cried when she thought Sasuke was dead, and how she tearfully asked him to bring Sasuke back home, Naruto realises that Sakura is lying to him and admonishes her for her sense of humour. You may like this What does it mean when your kids go bonkers?

When does Sakura Haruno appear in Naruto Part 2?

When Sakura realises that she is as rude to Naruto as Sasuke usually is to her at his urging, she starts treating him better, cheering for his accomplishments, and confiding her hopes and fears with him. Inner Sakura makes one appearance at the very start of Part II and then is never seen in the series again.

Did Sakura really love Naruto?

At the start Naruto’s love for Sakura was the same as Sakura’s for Sasuke, but Naruto eventually got over the ideals and did it rather for the meaning. Sakura hated Naruto but learned that Sasuke was not perfect and that Naruto was not a full failure.

Does Naruto actually Love Sakura?

Naruto realizes that Sakura can never be together with him (the same episode Sakura proposes to Naruto). He realizes that he actually never loved Sakura himself. And that was the moment he knew Sakura and Sasuke belongs together. Writer stitches the story beautifully there.

Is Sakura still in love with Naruto?

Sakura and Naruto were both in love triangles and didn’t end up with each other. In Part 2, Sakura even confessed her love for Naruto. Naruto saw right through her words. He knew that Sasuke was the only one who would have a proper place in her heart. By that time, Naruto had moved past the crush he’d had on her.

Does Sakura really love Naruto or Sasuke?

Sakura loved Sasuke from the beginning, but Naruto probably found Sakura attractive even in an immature way. Sakura paid him ‘attention’ that other girls were not giving. She was also very demanding with Naruto, consistently asking for his ‘attention’ even more than Sasuke’s. Here’s the whole history of Naru-Saku couple moments : NaruSaku You may like this What genjutsu was danzo using?

What episode does Sakura cry for Naruto?

Jutsu. “Sakura’s Tears” (サクラの涙, Sakura no Namida) is episode 43 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

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