How do you get the Minikits in Lego Star Wars 3?

How do you get the Minikits in Lego Star Wars 3?

The easiest way to do it is using the Force. Choose a Jedi, find the robot and Force push it into the corral #9_4. As the last one gets inside, you will receive the minikit. In order to get the last minikit you will need a character with a sniper rifle, e.g. Aurra Sing.

How do you get the stud multiplier in Lego Star Wars 3?

Description: Whenever you pick up a stud, its value is multiplied by four. How To Get: In the far left corner, use the Force to place all the garbage bins under the claw, one-by-one. Description: Whenever you pick up a stud, its value is multiplied by six.

Where is the Battle of Geonosis in Lego Star Wars 3?

Lego Star Wars III Gameplay. The level played was The Battle of Geonosis. This is the one of many land strategic battles in the game. The Jedi must command their Clone forces to eliminate the Techo-Union Ships on Geonosis. This battle takes place just after the arena battle. Loading…

How do you get gold bricks in Lego Star Wars?

There are 130 gold bricks in the game, which you receive for completing various tasks. The most basic way of obtaining one is completing a level [1]. Additionally on each level you can get two additional gold bricks. You may like this How do you beat Gothitelle?

Who are the characters in Lego Star Wars 3?

Lego Star Wars 3 Character Guide. 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi. Cost: Free. Location: Complete Geonosian Arena. 2 Anakin Skywalker. 3 Padmé Amidala. 4 Commander Cody. 5 Yoda. Cost: Free. Location: Complete Ambush!

How to clean up Geonosian Arena Lego Star Wars?

Enter the Arena Mission via Free Play, choosing whatever character you like as your main. Turn on the Multiplier Bricks, Invincibility Brick, and the Dark Force Brick at bare minimum. (1) Use the Dark Force on the pillar twice to open the grapple points, then grapple and pull both to pull down the pillar, revealing a Minikit Part.

What is Lego Star Wars 3?

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game based on The Clone Wars animated series, developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by LucasArts , released in March 2011 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 3DS consoles.

Where was Geonosis located in the Clone Wars?

Later in the Clone Wars, Geonosis was the site of another major battle, which saw Poggle the Lesser captured and the Geonosis primary droid foundry destroyed.

Where can I play Lego Star Wars games?

The game is the fourth released in the theme of LEGO Star Wars. The platforms this game runs on include the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The game continues on from LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga . You may like this Can you still play LotR Battle for Middle-Earth?

How do you unlock separatists in Lego Star Wars 3?

To unlock the missions on the Separatist side, you do the same thing — head into the ship you built in the back of the Main Hanger, spawn a vehicle, and then blow off the lock, accessing the console to add this to the main menu!

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