How many kids does no life Shaq have?

How many kids does no life Shaq have?

two sons

How old is Shaq no life?


Does no life Shaq have a speech impediment?

Since childhood, Shaq’s confidence has grown and he no longer fears his stutter. “I still stutter to this day,” he says. “But I’m more cool with it now.” When he feels he may stutter, he takes a moment to slow down his speech.

Can you react to music videos on YouTube?

You can get a copyright strike on YouTube if the person whose video you are reacting to gives you a strike or claims his/her video. In case of reaction videos the following things can happen: The Person gives you a copyright strike (due to which your video gets taken down) You may like this Can I play ROMs on switch?

What is a reaction channel?

Simple, it’s a clip of someone reacting to something. It sounds too simple but too many people love this ‘react’ genre of YouTube. And that made FineBros the biggest reaction YouTube channel. Simple, it’s a clip of someone reacting to something.

Why is YouTube full of reaction videos?

Because of the way the YouTube algorithm works, many reaction videos are plastered onto the suggested video section of the video they are reacting to. Going back to the music video analogy, if a music video brings in 2M views, than that’s up to 2M people who can potentially see the reaction video.

Are YouTube reaction videos fake?

Some are completely fake. The person being filmed has already seen the video, and is just making up a reaction. Some are just exaggerated. The person hasn’t seen the video, but is just playing up their reaction for the audience.

Do YouTube reaction videos make money?

Reaction videos can’t usually be monetized on YouTube if they contain copyrighted material that can be seen or heard, or if you’re reacting to content on another YouTube channel when you don’t have permission from the original creator.

Are reaction channels fake?

There have popped up a number of fake reaction channels on YT, and for some reason they have some of the highest viewing numbers. Why? It’s pretty obvious that they’re fake. Different channels have the same people reacting, and often the same video ripped. You may like this How do you calculate at risk?

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