Is Bleecker Street Safe?

Is Bleecker Street Safe?

The problem with this area is there are many bars and nightclubs along Bleecker Street. Not a great place to be late at night. For the most part it’s safe, but it’s possible to have rowdy kids in groups bar hopping. Also Washington Square Park can have some odd people like any park does.

Is Dr Strange address Sherlock?

As mentioned above, the Sanctum Sanctorum is located in New York City, specifically in 177A Bleecker Street, which sounds a lot like Sherlock Holmes’ address in London. The Great Detective and his friend and partner Dr. John Watson lived in 221B Baker Street, which does sound similar to the Sanctum Sanctorum’s address.

Is Dr Strange Sherlock Holmes?

Benedict Cumberbatch is most known for his roles as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange. We wonder which character is actually his best. The actors that have portrayed well-known characters from the pages of books and comics have a way of becoming iconic for their roles.

What is Sherlock Holmes address?

221B Baker Street You may like this How can I get animal fat?

What caused Dr Strange car accident?

If the movie showed Stephen Strange drinking right before the scene, that might give fans the idea he was drunk and that’s why he crashed. Instead, the doc was at his usual peak brilliance, but in his arrogance he thought he could drive at night in the rain on twisty roads and look at medical scans.

Where does Sherlock Holmes live?

221b Baker Street, London

Is Sherlock Holmes Home Real?

It is fictitious. The present 221b Baker Street, now the site of the Sherlock Holmes Museum, is a special address recognised by the Post Office. It is in fact, at number 239. The number 221b indicates that it was a flat or apartment above number 221.

Who was smarter Sherlock or Moriarty?

Moriarty is no simpleton. If he were, he would never garner the level of respect Sherlock has for him. Mycroft is smarter than sherlock, both in the books and on the show. It has been stated and proven in both cases, however Moriarty is either just as intelligent as sherlock, or almost as intelligent.

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