Is Evan stronger than Yuri?

Is Evan stronger than Yuri?

Personally I’d guess that Evan is higher than Yuri, because the ranking takes a person’s position into account. With this kind of logic Evan would be higher because there are less guides and therefore he has a relatively higher ranking among guides than Yuri has among fishermen.

Is Evankhell a male?

Notes & Trivia. Prior to Evankhell’s proper appearance within the story, she was believed to be a man (while Tower of God was still in the Best Challenge of Naver, SIU described Evankhell as being male). SIU does note that even now, it’s a little difficult to say that she’s perfectly female.

Who shot Evankhell?


Is Karaka male or female?

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TitleMale flowers
CaptionCorynocarpus laevigatus; karaka, male flowers. November 2012.
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How powerful is Evankhell?

As a Ruler who controlled an entire floor, Evankhell is an extremely powerful High Ranker. Her best known record is that she was capable of killing the previous floor Ruler who belonged to one of the 10 Great Families and took the ownership of the 2nd Floor.

Is Evankhell a native?

It was said in the official translation by high ranker yulker than evankhell has the power of the ancients, but like always it was a minor error and many readers came to the conclusion that evankhell is a native one descendant.

Why does Rak call everyone turtle?

Rak doesn’t come off as particularly smart; he thinks he is superior to almost everyone else and so refers to other people as “turtles”. He occasionally calls himself “Rakleader” when he is feeling particularly full of himself, although Khun may be to blame for indulging him.

What is BAM the 25th of?

Bam means Night in Korean. so his name is literally 25th Night.

Does Evankhell train BAM?

“ Evankhell is training Baams actual skills. i think it’s implied he got some initial training from hansung during the timeskip between parts 1 and 2, and since hansung is there with evankhell, i think he probably just continued whatever training he gave bam originally as a kind of second mentor. You may like this Why is one ear pointed?

Is enryu stronger than jahad?

Enryu is ranked higher than Jahad because he is stronger (he killed the Guardian after all).

Why did enryu not kill jahad?

So why didn’t he kill Jahad instead of leaving the Thorn fragments for Bam? He is apparently the messenger of a god, so if his duty is not to kill, he will not kill.

Is Bam stronger than enryu?

Technically, yes, Baam should become way stronger than Enryu since he’d be in the same level as Enryu’s God, assuming Baam would get to the true top and completing all the Floors.

Can UREK kill Zahard?

Another point I want to bring up is how Garam holds a grudge against Urek because of his refusal to kill Zahard. This may suggest Urek does not do so because he isn’t strong enough, but I believe it’s more of him shirking from the responsibility and the potential consequences.

Why is Zahard so tall?

it’s height was heavily exaggerated, and it’s power is significantly lower than his actual body (because the hidden floor has a data cap, and zahard’s power would break that into little shards like urek did). so when making it, zahard exaggerated his height by a lot.

Who is stronger than Zahard?

Urek Mazino

Can Bam beat jahad?

There’s no way Baam could win against Jahad. Baam may be growing incredibly fast but he’s still like a level 20 vs a level 50 character (with level 100 being the current Jahad outside).

Is Endorsi a human?

Among Regulars, Androssi is unmatched in terms of physical ability. Among the Zahard’s Princesses, she is fairly warm and more human. SIU has stated that she had the highest level of combat skill other than Baam and Sachi in team Baam.

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