Is Qi RA a villain?

Is Qi RA a villain?

At the end of Solo, Qi’ra’s true allegiances are still up in the air. Alternatively, she could be truly evil, and perhaps she’s off to hone her Sith powers at the end of Solo, in which case it’s possible we’ll see her in other Star Wars movies or the upcoming TV series.

Could Qi RA be Rey’s mother?

Redditor u/lovegodherselfs theorizes that Qi’ra will ultimately be revealed as Rey’s mother and presents evidence to back it up. “When [Darth Maul] told her they would be working closely for now on, he did it specifically when he ignited her lightsaber,” writes u/lovegodherselfs.

What happened to Qi RA and Darth Maul after solo?

She grew up on the streets along with Han as part of the White Worms. After the mission was unsuccessful, she returned to Vos, whom she betrayed and killed to save Han. Despite this, however, Qi’ra left Solo behind as she traveled to Dathomir to meet with Maul, the true leader of Crimson Dawn.

Did Qi RA have a child?

Nine months later, Qi’ra contacts him and shows he fathered a child within the form of their daughter, Rey. You may like this Can you sell CS Keys?

Where is Qi RA?

Despite her youth, Qi’ra is Dryden Vos’s most trusted lieutenant, and an increasingly important Crimson Dawn operative. She has risen far above the bleak conditions of her youth on Corellia, where she lived in the sewers with the notorious White Worms gang.

Is Qi Ra coming back?

Although it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing a sequel to Solo anytime soon, Qi’ra is reportedly coming back to the Star Wars universe with a cameo in the upcoming Obi Wan show.

How did Darth Maul die?

He ignites his new double-bladed lightsaber and engages Obi-Wan in a duel, but Obi-Wan again bests him in combat, cutting off his opponent’s horns. Maul is killed by a blaster bolt to the head from Owen Lars. Obi-Wan thanks Owen, and says he will take Maul’s body into the desert and burn it.

Is Qi RA mentioned in other Star Wars?

It turns out the master her boss Dryden Vos served was none other than Darth Maul, who starred in The Phantom Menace and has been a regular feature in both the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels TV series. But when it comes to the TV series, a Qi’ra crossover is not out of the question.

Who is the Sith at the end of solo?

Darth Maul You may like this Where is Sansa in the books?

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