Is XCOM 2 still worth it?

Is XCOM 2 still worth it?

Xcom 2 is indeed worth it. A lot of fun and the DLC made it more interesting. I have almost 300 hrs logged in steam for it. Have not played in a couple years but dont remember any bugs making the game annoying or unplayable.

Is there an end to XCOM Enemy Unknown?

Yes. You can complete the game. There is an ending.

How long does it take to beat XCOM?

All Styles

Main Story47227h 19m
Main + Extras47638h 12m
Completionists6768h 49m
All PlayStyles1K35h 10m

What happens at the end of XCOM?

In the final mission of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Operation: Avenger, aka the Temple Ship Assault), the Uber Ethereal states that they’re looking for the “perfect specimen”, i.e. a being that is physically adept, and has psionic capabilities. You may like this How do you unlock a number lock on a laptop?

What does the ending of XCOM 2 mean?

Once they came to Earth, these aliens found what they were looking for in human DNA. By the end of XCOM 2, they were within reach of finishing a project that would have led to the mass genocide of humans all over the planet, who would be melted down and turned into a liquid used in the creation of the Avatar project.

Are there multiple endings to XCOM 2?

As far as I know, no, there is no alternate ending. If you’ve already beaten the game on normal, you should be aware of what happens to make it such that capturing the final boss really wouldn’t change much.

How do you slow down the Avatar project?

There are three methods that can be used to reduce the progress of the AVATAR Project:

  1. Completing story missions. By completing most of them you will be able to reduce the progress bar of the project by 2 or even 3 segments.
  2. Destroying alien facilities.
  3. Counteracting some of the Dark Events.

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