What is a good WoW item level?

What is a good WoW item level?

ilvl 250+ is good at the moment, while 200+ is acceptable. And poopy players like me is still below ilvl 200. I think 210+ is good atm, 200-210 is average.

What item level should you be for Mythic 15?

160 for base mythic. So for a 185, a +5 is a good level….Minimum ilvl for M+ levels?

Difficulty LevelEnd-of-Run Item LevelGreat Vault Item Level
Mythic +12204223
Mythic +13204223
Mythic +14204226
Mythic +15204226

Can M+ drop Azerite gear?

For whatever reason they didnt want heroic level azerite gear infinitely farmable. Not only is it restricted to every 15 levels which would make it weird for m+ drops, but if you don’t do m+, you’re restricted to raiding for azerite gear which is very RNG dependent.

How do I get Azerite gear?

Azerite Armor can be obtained from the same sources as other pieces of gear which this includes World Quests, Dungeons, Raids and more. However, for Azerite Armor that is item level 340 or higher, Azerite Armor will only drop from sources that are gated through some lockout.

Does Azerite gear drop in mythic 0?

Azerite gear does not drop in Mythic+ dungeons. But it drops from weekly M+ chest, mythic dungeons (m+0), raids, rbgs, world quests, warfronts and one item comes as Champions of Azeroth reputation reward.

Can you get Azerite armor from weekly chest?

You will not get any azerite armor from m+. That’s what the titan residum in the weekly chest is for. Earlier in the expansion you could get azerite pieces in the weekly chest but that is no longer the case.

Where do I scrap Azerite armor?

The Scrap-o-Matic 1000 can be found in the new Alliance capital Boralus in Tiragarde Sound. It is located in the Tradewinds Market, the crafting area where you can also find all profession trainers. Next to the scrapper Crenzo Sparkshatter offers you an optional quest that teaches you how to use the scrapper.

What happened Titan residuum?

Blizzard has reiterated that Titan Residuum will be converted at the rate of 1 silver per residuum on the next reset, not at Season 4 launch. If you want to buy any last minute Azerite Armor before Titan Residuum is converted, now is the time to do so!

What happens to Titan residuum in Shadowlands?

Titan Residuum will be converted to Silver with the release of the Shadowlands expansion, at a rate of 1 Silver per Titan Residuum, but don’t worry for you can use the following method by Reddit user bobbis91 to make more gold out of it ahead of the conversion.

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