Where do you fuse Kinstones?

Where do you fuse Kinstones?

Hyrule Town

How do you get mole mitts?

The Mole Mitts are found in the Fortress of Winds. When fighting the Fortress of Winds boss, Mazaal, Link must enter the boss’s head while in Minish size to damage it. After Mazaal sustains enough damage, its inside will be filled with earth.

How do I get the mushroom wake-up?

He can obtain the mushroom from the Witch’s Hut in the Minish Woods. Once he has it, Link must waft the Wake-Up Mushroom beneath the nose of Rem, who wakes up instantly. He adds the finishing touch to the Pegasus Boots and gives them to Link, who in turn needs these to cross the Castor Wilds.

How do you wake up REM in Minish Cap?

Despite this, Rem is needed to add the finishing touches to the Boots, so Link must retrieve a Wake-Up Mushroom from Syrup in her Hut in the northernmost section of Minish Woods. To wake Rem, Link must face him and press the R-button, causing him to inhale the Wake-Up Mushroom’s stench. You may like this How can I make Call of Duty update faster?

How do you get syrup in Minish Cap?

Walk to the northeast portion of the Minish Woods and enter the purple-roofed house. Here you will find Syrup the Witch. You can purchase some blue life potion for 60 rupees if you’d like, but we are really here for the mushroom. Lift it up and carry it to Syrup.

How do you fuse Kinstones in Minish Cap?

The Minish Cap When Link walks up to a character, such as a certain Hylian, Minish, or animal, a thought bubble may appear over their head. If this occurs, Link can fuse Kinstones with them by pressing ‘L’.

What happens when you fuse all Kinstones?

After all 100 are Fused, Tingle will replace the Kinstone Bag with the Tingle Trophy.

Where are the green Kinstones in Minish Cap?

Green Kinstones are items in The Minish Cap….Location and Uses.

MeenieEastern HillsA Treasure Chest appears on the Crenel Wall containing a blue Kinstone Piece
Mountain MinishMelari’s MineA Treasure Chest appears in the rainy Minish-sized path on Mount Crenel containing a blue Kinstone Piece

How do you find a Kinstone?

Green Kinstone Pieces can be found simply by cutting grass and defeating enemies. You may like this Can you play Wii U without HDMI?

Where are the Pegasus Boots in Zelda Minish Cap?

On the counter you meet Minish who say they will give you the Pegasus boots if you can wake the shoemaker so he can finish the boots, with a potion from Syrup. The Minish mark the location on your map. It’s in the Minish Woods, and the way there is through Lon Lon Ranch.

How do I get to mount Crenel?

Go underground and blow the right wall up with a Bomb to find a Deku Scrub that is aggressive, and selling an Empty Bottle for 20 Rupees once you deflect a nut back at him with your shield. Exit the underground area and head west to reach the Mount Crenel Base.

What do you do with MT Crenel mineral water?

This special water enables Link to grow green-colored bean sprouts, for regular Water has no effect, and can only grow blue-colored beans. To obtain this, Link must first use a rock and shrink down to Minish size….Mt. Crenel Mineral Water.

GamesThe Minish Cap
UsesGrow green-colored bean sprouts
RelatedWater Hot Spring Water

Where is the cave in Trilby Highlands?

A ladder near Hyrule Town leads to a cave, where Link can purchase an Empty Bottle from a Business Scrub for 20 Rupees. This Empty Bottle is the only one that Link is required to get in the game, as it is used to climb Mount Crenel.

Where is Melari?

Melari is a Minish blacksmith who lives at the very top of Mt. Crenel at Melari’s Mines in The Minish Cap. He is more than happy to fix Link’s broken sword while he explores the dungeon that is also located at the top of Mt. Crenel, the Cave of Flames.

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