Where is reshiram in Delugerpg?

Where is reshiram in Delugerpg?

Just go to map 10-17 to get Reshiram and Zekrom.

How many Pokemon are there in Delugerpg?

The limit on the amount of pokemon you can have in one account at a time is 12,000. You can however have a total of 20,000 across all your accounts. It is possible to be banned for having more than this amount.

How do you get all the Pokemon in Delugerpg?

Here are some tips to help you in your quest to catch a legendary pokemon….Common ways to Capture a Legendary Pokemon

  1. A way to know if a raid will feature a legendary Pokemon is to check the color of the raid egg.
  2. To make the task easy, make sure to use all 20 players.
  3. A higher-leveled Pokemon is perfect for the job.

What is the use of exp in Delugerpg?

It assumes you have already beaten all regions and that your pokemon is at level 100. You can battle any other trainers that give the same amount of exp as those in the suggested solution. Usage: Enter your Current Exp and your Target Exp. You may like this How long does it take for a locked crate to Respawn?

What is retro Pokemon?

Retro Pokemon are Pokemon with Gen 1-3 sprites. They are not breedable.

How do you get millions of exp in Delugerpg?

Re: How to get 25 million exp of your pokemon There’s a lot vip trainer that give high exp, for example: trainer with 5 pokemons (elite 4) can give around 18k exp/battle if u beat them with 1 pokemon and trainer with 6 pokemons (champion) can give around 22k exp/battle, for ultimate trainer N can give around 33k exp..

How do you get giratina in Delugerpg?

(To catch Giratina (Origin), You need to beat all gyms, elites and dojos)

  1. Cresselia.
  2. Phione.
  3. Manaphy.
  4. Darkrai.
  5. Shaymin.
  6. Shaymin (Sky)

What are the legendary Pokemon in Kanto?

Kanto introduced four Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo.

What is the password of Delugerpg?

Accounts and passwords to access delugerpg.com You may like this Who is the best putter on the PGA Tour 2020?

Password delugerpg.com:qweqweqwe22
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How old is DelugeRPG?

When was DelugeRPG site started? On March 30th (31st in some timezones) 2009. It used to be known as PokemonDeluge.

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