Does Madden cash transfer to Madden 21?

Does Madden cash transfer to Madden 21?

Does my team carry over to the new game? This is a new experience and no current Madden NFL Mobile currencies, items or scores will transfer to Madden NFL 21 Mobile. Currency and progress do not transfer over to the new season as this was mentioned months before release in both articles and live-stream.

How do I link my Gamecenter to Madden mobile?

How to link and save your game

  1. Tap the menu icon (the three lines on the top left corner of the main menu).
  2. Tap the Settings cogwheel.
  3. Tap Link next to Link Accounts.
  4. Tap Link next to the option you want to use. Linking to your EA Account will link it to your Madden NFL 21 game.

How do I link my NBA Live Mobile Guest account to Facebook?

Find the NBA LIVE Mobile icon, hover over it with your mouse, and click the X next to the game….I want to link my NBA LIVE Mobile account to Facebook.

  1. Tap the Settings (three dots) icon at the top right of your screen.
  2. Tap Link (next to Link Accounts).
  3. Tap Link (next to Facebook).
  4. Log in to your Facebook account.

How do I recover my NBA Live Mobile account?

Re: Lost my NBA Live Mobile Account The best thing to do is contact EA Support through this link: . Provide them with your UserID and explain what happened with your account. They will be able to assist you with this problem. You may like this Does Starship have artificial gravity?

How do I link PUBG to Facebook?

How can I link my PUBG LITE account with Facebook account?

  1. Visit PUBG Account web page :
  2. Login with your PUBG LITE Account.
  3. Click “LINK NOW” button for Facebook.
  4. If it is properly linked to Facebook, you will see that the yellow button has been changed to green with the [LINKED] text.

How do you go live on Facebook NBA?


  1. Go to the Creator Portal.
  2. Click Create Live Stream.
  3. Under Choose where to post your live broadcast, select your Gaming Video Creator Page.
  4. Copy the Stream Key and/or Server URL and paste into the Settings of your streaming software.
  5. Under Service select Facebook Live.

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