How do you upgrade vehicles in OpenTTD?

How do you upgrade vehicles in OpenTTD?

To get to the replace vehicles screen, first open the vehicle listing of the type of vehicle you want to replace (trains are shown in the screenshot below). Then from the Manage list menu, click Replace vehicles. The replace (vehicle type) window appears, which looks like the one for trains below.

How do you sell cars on OpenTTD?

One way to sell the road vehicle is to drag it to the sell-vehicle-icon: Drag a road vehicle to the first of the three buttons at the right to sell it. Another way to sell a road vehicle is to click on the Sell all vehicles button: . Please note that this will sell all vehicles stopped inside the depot.

How do you upgrade trains in OpenTTD?

Place the cursor in the left corner and while holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the right corner so the entire map is highlighted with the grid. Release the mouse button and voila, your entire steel rail system has been upgraded to electric. All rails, stations and depots will be upgraded.

How do you buy planes in OpenTTD?

Steps to purchasing an aircraft: You may like this How do you buy characters in Marvel Super Heroes?

  1. Build an airport.
  2. Click the hangar building located in the airport to open the Aircraft Hangar window.
  3. Click on the New Aircraft button located on the lower left-side of the Aircraft Hangar window.
  4. Browse the list of available aircraft, select one, and press the Build Aircraft button.

How do you make trees transparent in Openttd?

Objects can be set to be invisible by clicking on the appropriate second row button in the Transparency Options toolbar, or by the hotkeys ⇧ Shift+Ctrl + ( 1 to 9 ).

How do I delete a signal in Openttd?

button on the Railway Construction toolbar, while having the Signal Selection toolbar open. The white square will change to a red square. Then you may click on individual signals to remove them or click and drag along a section of track to remove a line of signals. Click the tool button again to deselect it.

How do you sell a train on Openttd?

How do I sell / delete trains?

  1. click & dragging the piece to the second icon ( ) from top in the depot;
  2. holding the Ctrl key while selling a piece (click&drag to upper icon).

How do I order a car in Openttd?


  1. Open the orders list for the vehicle you want to share another vehicle’s orders, and click on Go To.
  2. Hold down Ctrl and click on another vehicle that has the orders you want to share.
  3. Now the two vehicles share the same schedule; they are linked together.

How does Openttd make money?

First take on maximum loan and build 2 or 3 airports at 1500+ cities then buy two or more airplanes and let them fly between those airports. Since they are fast and often carry 100+ passengers they provide a very good income. You may like this How do you jump high in Super Mario Bros?

How do I get better at Openttd?

Some of the best tips and tricks to play OpenTTD and succeed

  1. Start by building 2 or 3 airports.
  2. Create a two way track across a couple of cities.
  3. Build up lots of routes that help you connect coal mines to a power station.
  4. Favor longer routes instead of shorter ones.

How do I close all windows in Openttd?

Some parts of the key handling in OpenTTD assumes a US Qwerty layout….Note.

Basic hotkeys
DeleteFn+DeleteClose all non-sticky windows
Shift + DelFn + Shift + DelClose all windows, even sticky ones

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