How many zones are in GW2?

How many zones are in GW2?


How big is the gw2 map?

19,065 miles^2 Which is about 4x bigger than the largest city in the world (LA county). AND this is without the cities, and without WvW.

How do I get to field of ruin gw2?

Fields of Ruin is a level 30-40 zone SE of Plains of Ashford. It can be accessed by using an Asura gate in Divinity’s Reach (Rurikton district) or alternatively those who are feeling adventurous can access it via Blazeridge Steeps (40-50 zone) which is connected with Plains of Ashford.

Where do I go after Caledon Forest?

the obvious choice would be Brisban Wildlands, which is where your story would probably take you next. Your story will also take you to Kessex Hills after level 20 and you could also choose to go to Diessa Lowlands, The norn 15-25 area or any 1-15 starting zone you haven’t seen.

How do you get mastery points in Caledon Forest?

Getting thereEdit The mastery point is away from the main escort path, in a small pond in a cave with many Skritt. The entrance to the cave is to the southwest side of the mountain. This location can be also be accessed after the completion of the events in the Dragon Response Mission (but still only in the instance).

Where is Metrica Province gw2?

Metrica Province is a low level zone in the Maguuma Jungle. Situated in the Tarnished Coast, it is the primary territory of the asura. Many labs, both ancient and modern, can be found throughout the province. Metrica Province is the domain of the asura of Rata Sum.

How do you get from Metrica Province to Rata Sum?

Getting thereEdit After creating an asura character, you will appear in the beginner map, Metrica Province. From there enter the portal behind to arrive to Rata Sum. Use the asura gate at Lion’s Arch guarded by peacemakers. Using a Rata Sum Portal Scroll, crafted with Essence of Rata Sum.

How do I get to Rata Sum Port Authority?

Getting thereEdit Head to the asura gates near the Magicat Court Waypoint in the southwest of the Creator’s Commons. Travel through the Antidawn Anchorage gate. This will bring you to the Antidawn Anchorage on the western side of the Port Authority. The Port Waypoint can be found northeast of here.

How do I get to Wildflame caverns Vista?

It is accessible through an obscured cave entrance southeast of Soren Draa. Note that the entrance is only accessible from within the southern part of Soren Draa. Go through Soren Draa and the entrance is a little bit east of due south.

How do you get to Calx hideout?

Calx’s Hideout is the ancient abandoned lab of Parnna’s ancestor, Calx. It has been overrun by destroyers and other fiery creatures, although equipment and several golems are still intact. The hidden lab is reached by traveling through Parnna’s Gate in the southeast corner of the Akk Wilds.

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