What is the opposite of invocation?

What is the opposite of invocation?

Opposite of a prayer asking for divine blessing. condemnation.

What is a synonym for presumptuous?

other words for presumptuous

  • arrogant.
  • foolhardy.
  • overconfident.
  • pompous.
  • pretentious.
  • pushy.
  • rude.
  • smug.

Is presumptuous rude?

Well, people who are presumptuous are commonly seen as rude or smug, so those two might be good synonyms. Arrogance and overconfidence go hand in hand with presumptuousness, so they too should be added to the list of synonyms.

Does presumptuous mean assuming?

The definition of presumptuous is taking things for granted or being overconfident. An example of presumptuous is assuming that you will win the city wide spelling bee just because you scored 100% on your last spelling quiz.

What do you call someone who assumes?

“Presumptuous”is a word to describe a person who always assumes things.

What does it mean if someone is presumptuous?

When someone takes liberties, doing things too boldly, you can describe them with the adjective presumptuous. Presumptuous comes from the Latin verb praesumere which means to take for granted. It means taking for granted your access to someone or power to do something.

What is the opposite of presumptuous?

Synonyms and antonyms for presumptuous. 1. presumptuous (adj.) excessively forward. Antonyms: backward.

What is the opposite of deleterious?

deleterious. Antonyms: wholesome, nutritious, esculent, conservative, beneficial. Synonyms: destructive, noxious, injurious, poisonous, pernicious.

How do you use the word presumptuous in a sentence?

Presumptuous sentence example

  1. It was presumptuous of him to purchase them.
  2. The man seemed too presumptuous to be a humble leader for the nation, so he was not elected.
  3. All the evidence goes to show that Richard Burke was one of the most presumptuous and empty-headed of human beings.

Which of the following are the most accurate synonyms to the word eerie?

Synonyms & Antonyms of eerie

  • creepy,
  • haunting,
  • spookish,
  • spooky,
  • uncanny,
  • unearthly,
  • weird.

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