What is the opposite of nerd?

What is the opposite of nerd?

Opposite of a highly academic or studious person. idiot. fool. dimwit. nitwit.

What’s a word for weird in a good way?

What is another word for weird and wonderful?


What does acting weird mean?

If a person acts weird, they act in a manner that is weird. If a person acts weirdly, they read their lines in a strange manner. Despite having the same meaning, to behave does not work the same way. It takes adverbs, as most verbs do.

What is opposite of weird?

Opposite of strange or bizarre in nature. ordinary. common. normal. standard. You may like this How do I access my stored items in Star Citizen?

Is weirder a word?

‘Weirder’ is a word; it’s a comparative adjective. This means that it’s used to compare the weirdness of two entities.

What’s the opposite of exhausting?

What is the opposite of exhausting?


What are two synonyms for exhausted?


  • tired out, worn out, weary, dog-tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, ready to drop, on one’s last legs, asleep on one’s feet, drained, fatigued, enervated, debilitated, spent.
  • jet-lagged.
  • out of breath, breathless, panting, puffing, puffed, puffed out, puffing and blowing, gasping, gasping for breath.

What is another name for exhausted?

What is another word for exhausted?


What is enervated mean?

enervated; enervating. Definition of enervate (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to reduce the mental or moral vigor of. 2 : to lessen the vitality or strength of. You may like this What is the sound made by a duck?

What is the full meaning of exhausted?

Sounds like you’re exhausted — all of your energy has been used up. Exhausted is spent, drained, and depleted. Though you might associate the word exhausted with people, it’s a word that can be used to talk about anything that’s depleted.

How do you say your tired without actually saying it?

  1. 5 Different Ways to Say “I’m tired ” in English. 17th April 2019.
  2. I’m Beat. To be thoroughly fatigued or physically exhausted.
  3. I’m pooped. If you are “pooped” , you are very tired.
  4. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
  5. I’m Spent.
  6. Burnt Out.

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