What should I ask in session 0?

What should I ask in session 0?

It’s great to figure out the logistics right off the bat with the following questions.

  • How long can the group reasonably commit to playing this campaign?
  • How often can everyone meet?
  • How long should a session last?
  • Where will you meet, or what virtual tabletop will you use?

    Do celebrities answer their DMs?

    Think for a second how many steps you need to take to actually get to an individual person’s message. It’s a lot and chances are most celebrities aren’t actually doing that to respond to DMs so, is sending a celebrity a DM the best way to communicate with them and to get their attention? Probably not.

    How many classes can you have in Pathfinder?

    There are forty-four playable classes in the tabletop roleplaying game Pathfinder and this is before things like NPC classes, prestige classes, and archetypes are factored in. With so many options it can be quite daunting to find a class that is both mechanically powerful and provides the kind of gameplay experience you are looking for. You may like this Can a paladin smite on every attack?

    Which is the best companion class in Pathfinder?

    The (Chained) Eidolon is quite easily the most customizable “companion class feature” in the game. On top of that they snowball in power rapidly if even a modicum of optimization is applied. Small spell list.

    What makes a good adventuring party in Pathfinder?

    A good adventuring party is greater than the sum of its parts. By carefully composing a party of any size, it can better handle the challenges commonly presented to a party in Pathfinder. 4th edition DnD added the concept of specifically codified class roles. Each class was specifically denoted as a Controller, Defender, Leader, or Striker.

    How many players do you need for a party in Pathfinder?

    A typically D&D or Pathfinder game assumes a party of 4 or 5 players. 6 player parties certainly should never have problems with role fulfillment (though I have seen it happen in my own game). 2 or 3 player parties may suffer from the lack members.

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