Will there be a sequel to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?

Will there be a sequel to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?

Now that Eidos Montreal has announced Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel project involving key members of the Deus Ex team, an imminent sequel to Mankind Divided looks more unlikely than ever. But there’s solace to be found in Quill and Co’s comedy adventure, which appears to be run through with Deus Ex DNA.

Is Deus Ex finished?

The planned Deus Ex Universe project also went nowhere, with the tie-in media releasing without a blip and no more games coming out of the franchise. Despite Square Enix’s 2017 assurance that Deus Ex wasn’t dead… well, you know what they say.

Why did Deus Ex fail?

Back in January, Eurogamer revealed that Square Enix had put Deus Ex on hiatus after the well-regarded Deus Ex: Mankind Divided failed to generate the level of sales needed to grow the series into a mainstream franchise. …

What is Eidos Montreal working on?

Guardians of the Galaxy
At its E3 2021 keynote, publisher Square Enix revealed that Eidos Montreal, the studio behind games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is working on a game titled simply Guardians of the Galaxy. The game puts players in the role of Star Lord (aka Peter Quill) in a third-person action-adventure experience. You may like this Do they make Littlest Pet Shops?

Why did mankind divided flop?

There was a pre-order scandal that hurt its image before it even hit shelves. Overall length is a bit short. Some of the separate story DLC should have been included in the main game. People criticized the game for having only one hub area while the previous game had two.

Was Mankind Divided a flop?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ruffled some feathers with its abrupt ending, but no one could doubt that it was a great game. Sadly, at launch, the game’s sells fell below expectations, and Square Enix ended up putting the franchise on ice.

What happened to Deus Ex mankind divided?

Toufexis acknowledged that the game’s story ended abruptly and didn’t quite meet expectations, and while there’s no explicit connection made to its relatively lackluster reception, plans to move directly into making a third game in the rebooted series never materialized.

How do you save Miller in Deus Ex?

The Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme you got from the VersaLife vault is the only way to cure its effects. Interact with Miller until the dialogue option appears to give him the antidote, thus saving his life and awarding you the achievement.

Who made Deus Ex Human Revolution?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Developers You may like this When did Seaman come out?

Did Mankind Divided sell well?

These went live the moment the game was available for sale, after reviews were published. Nonetheless, Mankind Divided has a lofty sales goal of three million units. “As for Mankind Divided, cross your fingers that it sells over three million, that’s the minimum it needs to break even,” remarked Sterling.

Why is there no new Deus Ex game?

The reason there isn’t a Deus Ex right now is just a product of our development lineup because there are other titles we are working on.” Matsuda added that Deus Ex is a “very important franchise” for Square Enix overall, adding that some discussions are already being had about what Square Enix wants to do with the next Deus Ex game.

How many endings are there in Deus Ex?

There are three possible endings to Deus Ex. Which one in particular plays out depends on the actions taken by JC Denton (the player character) in the final location of the game, Area 51.

Is the Deus Ex series a cyberpunk game?

The Deus Ex franchise is one of the highest regarded examples of the cyberpunk genre in video games, taking a head-on approach to the topics of transhumanism while incorporating elements such as hacking and body modification into game design.

What’s the difference between Deus Ex and Human Revolution?

One of the grandfathers of this genre is Deus Ex, a sci-fi FPS title focused on rewarding or punishing players on what they do. Its prequel and part reboot, Human Revolution, aimed to bring this genre of game to a modern audience with mixed execution.

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