Does the quarry drain in Fallout 4?

Does the quarry drain in Fallout 4?

Thicket Excavations is a large quarry filled with dirty water. Find Sully hanging around the quarry, and speak with him to initiate the quest. Sully will ask for help fixing some pipes in the water so he can drain the quarry. There are three spots in the water that are bubbling.

How do I fix the pipes in Fallout 4?

The pipes can be located by finding the bubbles on the surface and swimming down (water is irradiated, 10 per second). Each pipe can be fixed by simply turning a yellow valve located on the pipes. There are two exits from inside the dam, there is a lift and a staircase which are on opposite sides of the dam.

What happens if Sully Mathis dies?

If you kill Sully before even starting his drainage quest, then the quarry remains underwater forever and the raiders never spawn/respawn there. Killing him after you complete his quest just results in some other generic raider taking his place at the bottom of the quarry.

What happened Sully Mathis?

In all my playthroughs Sully always died in the Mirelurk attack after fixing the valves. This time he survived and I was really surprised. So I went back a few days later and see how this all turns out when the water is drained and Sully is still alive. You may like this Are Giants out of the playoffs?

Can humans become immune radiation?

In the event of a nuclear accident or blast, humans can be exposed to ionizing radiation that causes cancer and heart disease, among other problems. But now a group of scientists have bred a strain of bacteria that can repair its own radiation damage.

How do you become the child of the atom in Fallout 4?

Return to Grand Zealot Richter and tell him all about your vision and the icon that you found. It’s also probably a good idea to mention that you want to learn more about the faction. He’ll then give you the option of joining The Children of Atom. Accept and you will officially be a Child of Atom.

Who is atom in Fallout 4?

Background. The Church of the Children of Atom is a religion that worships a deity known as Atom and radiation, which they call “His Glow” originating from the town of Megaton in the Capital Wasteland.

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