How do you get shrunk in Poptropica?

How do you get shrunk in Poptropica?

C.J.’s Apartment: I’ve Been Shrunk! Run to the right, jump up onto the shelves, and then jump to the right on top of the fan. It will start to drop down. When it’s done, press the red button to start it and it will blow away all the dust under the bed, revealing a Thumb Drive. Turn the fan off, and jump up and over it.

How do you get the key in Shrink Ray Island?

Jump onto the picture frame, then jump left to reach the shelf with fish food. Pour the fish food downwards, and it will fall into the fish tank below to mollify the fish. Turn off the tank’s aqua filter, jump into the tank, and grab the Diary Key in the treasure chest.

Where to find shrink ray Island in Poptropica?

This section of the game takes you to Shrink Ray Island, one of the islands in Poptropica. Here, you are tasked with keeping the shrink ray– a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches– from falling into evil hands.

Are there any cheats for shrink ray Island?

The Poptropica Shrink Ray Island cheats and tips occur organically as you go through the island, subtly pushing you towards objectives in your quest. Therefore, for the best experience, we recommend you fire up your game and follow along with this guide. If you hate reading, scroll to the very bottom to check out the video game walkthrough You may like this Are all water towers the same height?

What’s the best way to make shrink ray Island work?

Drop down to the floor and push the pet bowl under the dripping vinegar. Get back onto the counter and jump onto the bag of cat food, every time you stomp on it, a little cat food falls into the bowl. It should be filled in about four stomps.

Where is the diary key in shrink ray Island?

Jump into the tank and grab the diary key, inside the treasure chest. Head over to CJ’s bedroom, to your left. Go to the diary, which is on the top shelf, above her computer. An easy way to reach it is by climbing the bookshelf to the very top and jumping right.

Where do you go on shrink ray Island?

You’ll arrive on Main Street and land on top of a slide and swing set. You can head to the left to enter the Common Room, which is the Sweet Dreams Candy Shop, but for now, you want to head to the right and go inside PS 201, where the River City Science Fair is being held. Enter the school through the double doors next to the sign.

Are there cheats for shrink ray Island in Poptropica?

Solving the mystery of its disappearance, all the while trying to find a way to bring yourself back to normal size is a daunting task for most, but luckily for you, we have outlined all the hints and cheats in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island in this comprehensive walkthrough.

How to do the walkthrough for shrink ray?

Push the fish food over to the left side to give the fish some food. Then drop down into the fish tank to find the Diary Key. Turn the fish tank back on and then go take the battery out of the remote. Put the battery back in the truck and drive it to the left until you hit the computer chair. You may like this Where do you find the grappling bowtie in Spy Island?

What is the password for shrink ray Island?

The password will be m4r13 cur13, with the space. Her first email is regarding her shrink ray. Her blueprints are in the thumb drive, so use it, and they’ll be uploaded on the laptop. Next, jump on to the computer and then on the shelf above.

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