How long does it take to beat Castlevania 2?

How long does it take to beat Castlevania 2?

20-25 hours

How many hours is Lords of Shadow?

All Styles

Main Story15717h 56m
Main + Extras10122h 20m
Completionists2640h 07m
All PlayStyles28421h 32m

How long is Castlevania Mirror of Fate?

All Styles

Main Story439h 20m
Main + Extras3210h 15m
Completionists4313h 15m
All PlayStyles11811h 01m

How long is Castlevania 2 Simon’s Quest?

All Styles

Main Story1034h 44m
Main + Extras354h 12m
Completionists194h 47m
All PlayStyles1574h 37m

What was Simon’s curse?

The Demon King who Simon sealed away seven years earlier. During his battle with Simon, Dracula had cast a deadly curse on him. The more Simon’s body will demolish, the more he will grow in power and will ultimately be resurrected if Simon were to die.

How many stages are there in Castlevania 2?


What does the Magic Cross do in Castlevania 2?

Magic Items You must have the Cross to seal Dracula’s fate. The White Crystal offers a weakened source of magic power. Offers stronger magical powers than the White Crystal. You must have the Red Crystal before you enter Dracula’s Castle.

What does Dracula’s Nail do in Castlevania 2?

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Dracula’s Nail is found in Bodley Mansion and is one of the relics needed in order to fight Dracula at the end of the game. Equipping it allows Simon to break blocks with his whip instead of using Holy Water.

How do you jump higher in Castlevania 2?

You just need to press B [whip] quickly when Simon STARTS his jump.

How do you get the diamond in Castlevania 2?

Map of the world of Castlevania 2. You leave Brahm’s house in possession of Dracula’s eye. Going left, you can go get the diamond.

What are laurels for in Simon’s Quest?

Laurel helps make you invincible against enemy attacks. You can purchase Laurel from town merchants.

What do the crystals do in Simon’s Quest?

They provide Simon with six hearts and five experience points. The White Crystal is the only crystal which must be purchased. You can buy it for 50 Hearts from the starting Town of Jova. Holding the crystal gives you the ability to see the way into Berkeley Mansion.

What does Draculas ring do in Simons Quest?

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Found in Laruba Mansion. The Ring is one of the five relics needed in order to gain access to the ruins of the Demon Castle and fight Dracula at the end of the game. Equipping it serves no function.

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