What is the bad ending in break in Roblox?

What is the bad ending in break in Roblox?

The Evil Ending is set in nighttime has the houses still destroyed, and no Police or Villains in the area. The players, the Traitor still with their mask and Golden Crowbar, are able to explore.

What does the Hyper do in break in?

The Hyper is a Class in Break In that is unlocked by earning at least 5 badges. While found in the Lobby, it is a Kid, which means it has slightly lower health than an Adult and has a permanent damage debuff like other kid roles. It begins with a Lollipop which gives speed boosts and heals 5 energy per charge.

Where is Uncle Pete in break in?

Take good care of him. Uncle Pete (or Crazy Uncle Pete) is an NPC in Break In. He is one of your neighbors living in the house opposite the Players’ House. He wanders around the Road.

How do you unlock the safe in break on Roblox?

Location. The safe is hidden behind one of the five paintings on the first floor of the house that is not the tutorial painting (the one with a cursor clicking the Cat). Clicking that painting 4 times will knock off the painting and reveal the safe. You may like this Does Tiffany have Cyber Monday?

Where is the break in basement key?

The Basement Key is an item in Break In. It is used to unlock the Basement. It can be found hidden in the drawers.

How do you survive a basement break in?

If you click on the basement door at that time, a message will pop up and say that they believe something is down there. Sure enough, a cutscene plays, and Scary Larry walks out of the basement. Players are required to hide in it to survive after Scary Larry goes upstairs.

What does the red button do in Roblox High School 2?

There is a red, circular button located in one of the rooms in the basement. It is located in a room surrounded by computer towers and servers. Above the button, there is a number displaying how many times players have pressed it. This will update the number above it, increasing it by one.

What are the codes for Robloxian high school?

Robloxian High School Codes – Full List

  • PEWDIEPIE: Use this code to earn 100M coins for free.
  • 3YEARS: Use this code to earn 333 coins for free.
  • BLASTBOOM: Use this code to earn 150 coins for free.
  • MORETOCOME: Use this code to earn 200 coins for free.
  • ATTACK25k: Use this code to earn 250 coins for free.

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