What is the meaning of hot mama?

What is the meaning of hot mama?

An older attractive woman

What does it mean if a guy calls you mama?

It’s actually a term of endearment or “pet name” if you want to call it that. They are being nice. Most girls/women don’t like to be called “baby” by men especially ones they don’t know. Men use the term “mama” as a replacement for “baby”, “sweetheart” or other terms of that nature.

What does coming in hot mean?

Comin’ in hot means moving too fast in terms of bringing thoughts or ideas up too soon or prematurely Comin’ in hot is used when someone is thinking too far ahead or prematurely brings up ideas. Someone would say that a person is comin’ in hot if they feel uncomfortable or pressured to move forward in a situation.

What does it mean when a girl calls a guy hot?

In the United States, the slang term “hot” refers to sexual attractiveness. It goes both ways—all genders can refer to others as “hot.” So in plain terms, she finds you physically attractive. It doesn’t mean she wants to date you, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

What does it mean when a girl gets hot?

You are right that “feeling hot” can mean feeling a high body temperature, due to heat in the air or due to a fever, or sexual arousal, because of the body heat resulting from blood flow. Usually someone would hear “I feel hot” in the plain, ordinary sense of feeling that one’s body temperature is too high.

Why does hot mean attractive?

A person’s body becomes tangibly warm when sexually aroused. Therefore the person who routinely causes such arousal is “hot,” a transmitter of heat. If something is physically hot it literally makes your atoms jiggle – it excites, energizes and charges you, just like someone you find attractive. It is projection.

What does a hot boy mean?

hot boy definition, hot boy meaning | English dictionary 18 (Jazz, slang) arousing great excitement or enthusiasm by inspired improvisation, strong rhythms, etc.

What does Hot Minute mean slang?

The term a hot minute can be found all over blogs and in casual speech, meaning essentially, “a long time.” The term is mostly slang, but seems to have become popular enough to appear on sites as reputable as PBS.org.

Why is it called a hot minute?

In general I would think hot implies lively or fast, but a hot minute means a long time. Your sense of the meaning is correct. The term “hot minute” means a brief and fleeting time, and has for over a century.

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