Should I install steam on Program Files?

Should I install steam on Program Files?

It doesn’t really matter. origianly, program files is for 64bit apps and x86 is for 32bit. However its done so mainly for the sake of organization and does not affect how the application actually run in runtime. Personally, i’d suggest neither.

Where should I put steam?

You can install steam games anywhere you want on your computer. But it is preferable to install it in specified by steam(C:Program Files(x86)steamsteamapps). Otherwise there is no constraints as long as your specified location has sufficient space.

Should I put my games in Program Files x86?

It doesn’t normally matter whether a program’s files are stored in Program Files or Program Files (x86). Both 32-bit and 64-bit programs should store your data in folders like AppData and ProgramData, and not in any Program Files folder. Just let your programs automatically decide which Program Files folder to use.

Do I need Program Files x86?

32 bit application are installed in Program Files (x86) but native 64-bit application run in the “normal” Program Files folder. The x86 version is there for backwards compatibility so that you can run 32bit applications on a 64bit OS. So you need both folders and shouldn’t “eighty-six” any of them. You may like this How can I appraise my own jewelry?

Can program files be deleted?

You can delete some program files; but, you can’t delete any execution (.exe) files while in Windows. These files are blocked from deletion. The “Program Files” folder normally holds 64-bit applications in 64-bit versions of Windows, and 32-bit applications in 32-bit versions of Windows.

Why is there 2 program files folders?

To get around this conundrum, Windows created two file folders; one to contain the older 32 bit programs (x86) and one for the 64 bit programs. When a program goes looking to interact with another program, it will keep interaction confined to the program file folder in which it resides.

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