What are the ipoints areas in Wii Sports Resort?

What are the ipoints areas in Wii Sports Resort?

List of Ipoints areas (island flyover) hints and tips for Wii Sports Resort. List of Ipoints areas (island flyover) Barnacle Arch. Basketball Court. Beginner’s Wakeboarding Area. Bowling Alley. Broken Clock Tower. Cabana Lagoon.

How many islands are there in Wii Sports Resort?

The 80 island (_i_) locations are, in alphabetical order: Every time you find 10 new island locations, you unlock something. The rewards are listed below, in order- First 10 island locations unlock balloons. Second 10 unlock evening flyover.

Are there any cheats for Wii Sports Resort?

Check out our complete collection of Wii Sports Resort cheats Are you an expert in this game? Can you help Wii Sports Resort players? Make all i points disappear on island flyover. The art of swordplay showdown……………..

Where are the white balloons in Wii Sports Resort?

Fly through these to pop them, then shoot the balloons or run into them to collect them. There are also white balloons to pop for the difficult Balloonatic stamp. These tend to appear near i Points and are generally on vehicles and Miis. You may like this Is MW3 Wii servers still up?

Where are all the I points in Wii Sports Resort?

This is a capture of me finding all 80 i Point locations in the Air Sports Island Flyover mode of Wii Sports Resort for the Wii. This was recorded directly from my Wii (not the Wii U). It’s finally time for me to start uploading one of my favorite Wii games: Wii Sports Resort.

Where does Pilotwings Resort take place on Wii?

Pilotwings Resort takes place on Wuhu Island, introduced in Wii Fit and later fleshed out in Wii Sports Resort. Pilotwing Resort’ s Wuhu Island is almost identical to the one featured in Wii Sports Resort (the recurrence of the word “Resort” in Pilotwings is perhaps influenced by this fact).

What’s the best mode in Wii Sports Resort?

Island Flyover is perhaps the most relaxing and carefree mode offered in Wii Sports Resort. Taking control of a plane, you can soar around the island for 5-minutes at a time, doing pretty much whatever you want.

Are there landmarks on Wuhu Island in Wii?

We plan to merge this article with List of I-Points, if you have any objections, then please say so in the discussion page. The following are a list of landmarks on Wuhu Island in the Wii game Wii Sports Resort, along with the messages that appear in the Island Flyover activity when your airplane flies near them at daytime, evening and night.

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