What is the strongest Tier 5 tower in btd6?

What is the strongest Tier 5 tower in btd6?

Rankings: Bloon Crush is the best Tier 5 bomb shooter since it can stun almost every bloon. A stall is always great especially late game and this one is reliable. The MOAB Eliminator, although does a lot of damage, is overkill on MOABs and BFBs and waiting on the cooldown can be your end.

What are the best towers in Bloons TD 5?

Best Towers In Bloons Tower Defense 5

  1. 1 Super Monkey. People complaining about the cost are just bad at the game.
  2. 2 Banana Farm.
  3. 3 Dart Monkey.
  4. 4 Ninja Monkey.
  5. 5 Monkey Apprentice.
  6. 6 Monkey Buccaneer.
  7. 7 Spike Factory.
  8. 8 Bomb Tower.

How much damage does a Moab Mauler do?

MOAB Mauler (sometimes shortened to Mauler) is the third upgrade of Path 2 for the Bomb Shooter in Bloons TD 6. It deals 19 damage to MOAB-class bloons and 2 to Ceramic Bloons, but still deals only 1 damage to other types of bloons.

What is the cheapest tier 5 in btd6?

Top 10 Cheapest Rank 5 Upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6 You may like this How do you build a kite?

  • Trade Empire. On its own, the Trade Empire upgrade will give you 800 cash per round, taking nearly 29 rounds to pay itself back.
  • Grand Saboteur.
  • Pirate Lord.
  • Tack Zone.
  • Elite Sniper.
  • Elite Defender.
  • Monkeyopolis.

    What is the best Bloons Tower Defense?

    10 Best Towers – Bloons Tower Defense 6

    1. Alchemist. Monkey type: Magic. Cost: $550.
    2. Wizard Monkey. Monkey type: Magic.
    3. Ninja Monkey. Monkey type: Magic.
    4. Monkey Village. Monkey type: Support.
    5. Super Monkey. Monkey type: Magic.
    6. Banana Farm. Monkey type: Support.
    7. Heli Pilot. Monkey type: Military.
    8. Glue Gunner. Monkey type: Primary.

    How do you beat Bloons Tower Defense 1?

    Strategy 1 Start by buying five dart monkeys, somewhere in the middle. Then, upgrade each one with piercing darts, before upgrading long range darts next. Then, buy another dart monkey and place it near the middle. Upgrade it with piercing darts and long range darts in that order.

    Can True sun god see camo?

    Even though it is the highest upgrade to the most powerful tower in Bloons TD 4, the Sun God still can’t detect or target Camo Bloons on its own. This is helpful in the way that it can hit more Bloons per shot, but worse in the way that it doesn’t have the pure power against MOAB class Bloons that the BTD4 Sun God had.

    Is the True sun god worth it?

    Keep in mind that it is worth it to sacrifice both the Legend of the Night and The Anti-Bloon for the Vengeful True Sun God, as it is overall much more powerful than all 3 original Tier 5 Super Monkeys combined. You may like this Does The Walking Dead Season 1 affect Season 2?

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