What was in the basement at the end of October faction?

What was in the basement at the end of October faction?

Alternatively, whatever’s in the sub-basement could be an entirely original creation for the TV show – perhaps an abomination that Samuel Allen created as part of an earlier attempt to resurrect Seth. Whatever it is, it’s sure to cause fresh trouble for the Allens in October Faction season 2.

Is Alice evil October a faction?

Alice is incredibly bad at hiding in this episode, yet she somehow survives, despite being the sole reason Presidio were able to find the place at all. She’s the most trackable person out of everyone at Harlow House and yet she just sneaks away into the night.

What happened to Fred October faction?

Spoilers for the end of season one of October Faction lie juuuust beyond this photo. The end of the first season ends with Fred having been shot and seemingly killed at Gate Night.

Who is Alice Harlow?

Alice Harlow is one of the main characters of the Netflix television series October Faction. She is portrayed by Maxim Roy. You may like this Is pyrrha a human?

Will there be a season 2 of Locke and Key?

Back in December 2020, Netflix confirmed that Locke and Key season 2 would definitely arrive sometime in 2021. Locke and Key fans, the cast has some news for you: The show has been picked up for Season 3! With the amount of VFX that will be needed, we’re probably looking at fall to winter 2021.

Will there be cursed 2?

Cursed premiered on Netflix in July of 2020, and since there has still not been an official Season 2 renewal announcement, fans are getting nervous. The fantasy series tells a version of the Arthurian legend with the Lady of the Lake, Nimue (Kathering Langford) at its center.

Where do they film cursed?

Most of Cursed is filmed near to where it’s actually set, in places such as Slough, Berkshire, Deepcut and the Forest of Dean. According to the website Atlas of Wonders, a lot of the film locations were in leafy Surrey, although shoots also took place in Wales, Gloucestershire, and other UK locations.

Is there a second season to away?

Is ‘Away’ Renewed For Season 2? Sadly, Netflix is no longer renewing ‘Away’ for season 2, Variety reported on Oct 19, 2020. The show dropped on the platform on September 4th and has since skyrocketed in the streamer’s top 10. We thought that the show’s top 10 performance is a positive sign.

Did Netflix cancel away?

A little over a month after its September 2020 premiere, the Hilary Swank sci-fi drama Away was canceled by Netflix. The cancellation of Away was a bit of a surprise, considering it had the kind of skilled, engaging cast that would attract you to a new Netflix show, as well as an intriguing premise. You may like this Do pine needles deter snakes?

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