Who dies at the end of Valhalla?

Who dies at the end of Valhalla?

Odin and the others consume the special liquid and walk out, but in this scene, Loki kills the eighth person and takes their place. The special liquid allows the eight Isu to be reincarnated at some point in the future, which is why the principle characters of the game resemble their Norse god counterparts.

Can Somas live AC Valhalla?

On this page of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide, we explain whether the death of important allies in the epilogue can be avoided. You may want to finish the game without any deaths among friendly NPCs. Soma, Hunwald and Hjorr will die in battle.

Should I choose Hunwald or Aelfgar?

Hunwald will also come to your aid in the final battle with King Aelfred. Should you choose Aelfgar, the outcome of your alliance is basically the same, and it’ll still be Hunwald that represents Lincolnscire at your side. However, the main difference will be that Hunwald joins Swanburrow in Ravensthorpe.

What happens if u choose Hunwald?

Choosing Aelfgar results in Hunwald and his Dane lover, Swanburrow, going with you to Ravensthorpe. Choosing Bishop Herefith ends the story arc, however, he is also a member of the Order of the Ancients. This means that, if you do choose Herefrith, you’ll have to assassinate him later on in the story. You may like this What is Intersigmoid recess?

What happens if I choose Hunwald?

But should you choose Aelfgar or Hunwald? Well if you chose Aelfgar, Hunwald will move to Ravensthorpe along with his other half, Swanburrow. This means Aelfgar will make a perfect Ealdorman choice without having to worry about having to come back and murder Order of the Ancients members when you think you’ve finished.

Does Hunwald always die?

Eivor found Hunwald wounded, and he and Eluric took Hunwald to safety inside a nearby hut. There, Hunwald died after thanking Eivor for being his truest friend, causing Eivor and Eluric to grieve for the loss of their innocent friend.

Who is trying to kill Hunwald?

Bishop Herefrith

Does Oswald die in AC Valhalla?

Unfortunately, the duel turns tragic as both Oswald and Rued fall off a cliff and into the sea. Thinking that Oswald is dead, Eivor rallies the people of East Anglia and together to attack Rued’s remaining army at Burgh Castle. There, Eivor discovers that both Oswald and Rued survived the fall.

Where is Alfred’s study Valhalla?

Wincestre You may like this Is Talmberg real?

What to do with the key Alfred gives you?

This starts the Poor Fellow Soldier quest, which will lead you to the Alfred. Once you’ve found him, simply talk to him and he’ll gift you the key in the end, to help you see what his intentions were. He’ll go on living the peaceful, pastoral life, and you’ll get answers to all the burning questions you’ve had.

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