Can Paladin Danse still be a companion?

Can Paladin Danse still be a companion?

Once you’ve completed the Blind Betrayal quest by saving Paladin Danse he is exiled from the Brotherhood, but he is still available as a companion.

Is Danse still a companion after blind betrayal?

Siding against the Brotherhood after Blind Betrayal results in Danse no longer interacting with the Sole Survivor. However, the player character still gets the Lover’s Embrace bonus by sleeping near him, which appears to be a bug. The issue effectively removes Danse as a companion but it will not remove his perk.

What happens to Paladin Danse in Fallout 4?

Paladin Danse eventually opens up in Fallout 4 and reveals parts about his life many players would have had no idea about. Whether the player decided to venture out alone or with a companion into the harsh and dangerous Commonwealth of Fallout 4, they’re still likely to meet some interesting characters along the way and grow attached.

What do you need to know about Paladin Danse?

It’s pretty clear that Danse is an incredibly judgmental person. He believes humans are supreme, above all other species. He doesn’t trust or like ghouls, even those who haven’t gone feral. Super mutants and synths are also a source of hatred for him. You may like this Are airdrops good?

When do you no longer have affinity with Paladin Danse?

In particular, if the player wants to reach maximum affinity with him, they need to do so before reaching the quest Blind Betrayal. After this, they can no longer increase their affinity for him. Danse is a complicated character, and so is the Sole Survivor.

Is the Paladin Danse in the Brotherhood of steel?

However, the truth is much darker than one would think. Like every member of the Brotherhood of Steel, Danse and his power armor are absolutely inseparable. In fact, he’s so in love with his gear that he can’t even be asked to leave his armor behind within the game.

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