Can you change language in Pokemon Blue?

Can you change language in Pokemon Blue?

The original Pokémon Red and Blue are available in 3DS from early 2016. In the original game, you must purchase a title specifically designed for each language. However, in 3DS, you can just purchase a language-agnostic copy and choose whatever language you like on the game.

Can you change the language in Pokemon Red?

Pravinj answered: I believe you cannot change Languages for Pokemon Red. The games were created for the Language where they were to be released. If you want a English Version, you will have to go out and buy an English Version Pokemon Red.

Can you change the language in Pokemon sword and shield?

Changing the Language After starting a new game, you can select the language. You can also choose to name your trainer using characters from the chosen language. Starting a new file. When a Pokemon from a different language gets sent to another file, it will have a language tag next to it.

What type of Japanese is used in Pokémon?

Hiragana is used in the game. Old Japanese letters are katakana. You may like this How do you beat Brock If you choose Charmander?

Is there a way to change the language of Pokemon?

It uses the primary language your system is set to use. You need to change that, and instructions would depend on what OS/device you are using. You’ll need to seek help on changing that from other sources, I think, if you can’t do it on your own. Well, since I can’t read German, I need to log off and reset my language now. 2 years later…

Is there a language option for Pokemon Emerald?

If you’re playing on an emulator, then you can search for a different language version of the ROM. Otherwise, no.

How can I change the save language in pkhex?

Open the save in pkhex. Go to Trainer info and change the language to whatever you want. Click ok and export the save. Put your sd card back into your ds, backup your save again in case something broke, then import the modified save you made. (You must log in or sign up to post here.)

Does Pokemon have language option?

Pokémon Support You can change your language and region at any time in the mobile device version. In the Nintendo Switch version, you can only change your language, the region cannot be changed.

No. Once you start the game you can’t change the language. You may like this What does Yawn do in Emerald?

How do you change the language in Pokemon Leaf Green?


  1. No, there’s no way to change the language setting; furthermore, this game, specifically, is only in Japanese (at least the official release of it). User Info: Andrex_93.
  2. There is not enough space in the cartridge to hold two languages, but it’ll still play on an American GB. User Info: magic_sword1.

Can you change the language Pokemon sword?

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