How do you get heroes in training camp?

How do you get heroes in training camp?

Training Camp. The Training Camp is a building that serves as the primary method of gaining heroes . To do so you spend food and recruits, along with other materials (for some levels), and in turn you will gain a hero of a particular quality or element.

How do you get Camo in Call of Duty?

Digital camo is mostly unlocked by making kills while crouched. using the Double Time Perk lets you crawl almost as fast as you walk, making your life easier. Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions. Drago Camo would would demand the user use hip-fire to kill opponents.

How many kills do you need to get Diamond Camo?

Unlocking Diamond Camo is easy but tiring and make sure to have the Golden Camo, else your hard work goes in vain. To unlock the Dimond Camo you must get a certain number of kills per match for a given number of matches. For example: For AK-47 Diamond Camo, get 10 kills per match x 150 times upon unlocking the AK-47 Gold camo.

What do you need to know about weapon Camo?

Weapon Camo are unique appearance-altering skins for your weapons. You can choose between ones that will increase your concealment, or ones that shows off your personality! Weapon Camo does not carry over to other weapons and must be unlocked separately. You may like this Where is coconut milk found?

How long does it take to get gold Camo in modern warfare?

One simple mistake that people make when they first start on their quest of getting a gold camo for a certain weapon is that they start later in the weapons progression. While some of these camo challenges do take a considerable amount of time and focus, many of the lower level camo challenges can be completed fairly quickly.

What’s the best way to unlock the camo challenges?

To maximize your effect, you should consider focusing your attention to mainly headshots so that you can finish the ‘Woodland’ camo challenges even before you unlock the next tier of challenges. As you progress your weapon’s level, more camo challenges become available.

What’s the best way to use a camo in modern warfare?

If you are focusing on hipfire kills, don’t waste your attachment slots on an optic, or any attachments whose main purpose is to increase aiming statistics. Instead, try to customize your loadout to better suit the challenge or challenges that you’re working towards.

Where do I pick up my dog for boot camp?

Here’s how we go about tailoring our Dog Boot Camp program around your pup’s needs: We pick up your dog at your home. This way, the trainer has the opportunity to see your dog in its home environment and discuss the specifics of what you are looking for.

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