How do you increase power in Evony?

How do you increase power in Evony?

Each troop has a power value assigned to it depending on the tier of troop, higher the tier, higher the power. When a troop is killed, injured or dismissed, you loose that troops power from your total value. Once a troop is healed, 100% of its power is restored back to your total power.

What happens when you change culture in Evony?

Please be advised that if you change the culture you will not lose your current progress. Your level will still be the same. Things that would change are only building designs and troops’ appearance, as well as the culture’s buff as it goes hand in hand with the selected culture.

How do I earn gems in Evony?

Each day you can collect 200 gems from your quests, single player quests and alliance quests. For the single player quests you must complete 10 tests throughout a period of 24 hours. Once the 10 taskes are completed you’ll be given your 100 gems.

How do you increase Defence in Evony?

There are two ways to defend, either with your castle walls and fortifications or with your army. Defending with your walls is the default. This allows you to keep your army safe and sound inside the city while you’re offline, but will not prevent enemy scouting. You may like this How do I get into wallpaper design?

How do you send resources in Evony?

In evony online game you may want to send resource or troop reinforcements to your ally member or other members want to do the same to you. To transport resource to other allies , go to map mode , type the city coordinates where you want to send the transport. Click on the city, then click transport.

How do you send resources in rise of kingdoms?

When donating resources, they will be sent via a trader leading pack mule. Trading is not an instant transaction; the trader will occupy a troop dispatch queue (shared with commanders), walk to the target city, and then walk back. Trading over long distances can take several minutes or more.

What is treasure of Abbas in Evony?

The Abbas Dynasty was buried in wars with endless treasures and a legendary golden castle. 💎🔮🏺⚱ Find the treasure and collect the golden key. 🔑You can activate Precious Treasure Privileges to get extra precious rewards and have a chance to get the rare Avatar Frame and Golden Castle Decoration!

What is purge in Evony?

Purge is a way to make sure we do not hand free points to the enemy server once server war starts. Once SvS starts, we can expect the enemy to come start hitting anything worth points. Server War Purge will begin 5 hours prior to server war (on Server 265, it varies on other servers):

What is a kill event in Evony?

The final event, Kill Event, lands on the Friday of every week and lasts 72 hours. At the end of this event, the Monarch Competition starts over. City Development: Increase building or research power. Tips: Go through your low level research and buildings first and use your alliance help to get through those quickly. You may like this Is Zelda a good name?

How long is SvS in Evony?

The SvS Throne War opens 24 hours after SW starts. Occupying the enemy server’s City of Throne can gain your Server War Scores. And occupying it for 5 hours in a row will transfer 50% of enemy Server’s Final Server War scores to your own Server.

How do you find enemies in Evony?

All you need to do is go to the server wars page, click on enemy rankings, navigate to alliances and view any alliances members. From there you’ll be able to see if there are any in your server.

Can I change my server in Evony?

You can only move a server twice. In order to move servers, you will need an item called “Server Migration Token”. (When you create an account, you have two tokens from the beginning.

What is the point of Evony?

The game allows the player to control up to ten cities through gain of titles. To gain a title, a certain rank is necessary. Both Title and Rank require Medals gained by use of in-game coins to purchase medal boxes, by attacking valleys or winning medal boxes from spinning the wheel.

Does evony cost money to play?

Evony is a TOTALLY FREE game to play but some ingame Items which help players develop faster and better will be charged. Players may enter the game and click the buttons “Buy Game Coins” or “Evony Premuim Rewards” in “Shop” to start this process. Therefore, Evony is classified as a “Freenium”.

How do I use server migration token?

If your Keep is under level 6, you can use the Server Migration Token to move to other servers. Please go to Map View, click World Map and then the Globe icon on the lower left to choose the server you want to move. Once you entered the new server, tap on any flat to Migrate your account.

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