How much dark elixir does it take to upgrade King to level 7?

How much dark elixir does it take to upgrade King to level 7?

Unlocking. The Barbarian King is unlocked when you build the Barbarian King Altar. The Altar costs 10.000 Dark Elixir and a Town Hall level 7 is required.

How long does it take to upgrade barbarian king to level 30?

Level 28, 29 and 30 will take 5 days. Overall from level 11 to 30 it will take 71 days 12 hours. Note: Since the question doesn’t mention which hero (Barbarian king, Archer Queen and the Grand Warden) upgrading time is being asked.

Does upgrading Barbarians affect barbarian king?

So upgrading your barbarians makes the Barbarian King’s ability more powerful. Barbarians are pretty useful as said above it affects your barbarian king ability, and also are used in other raids other than Barch. They are good for luring because they can take more than one hit from Archer tower, cannon, and mortar.

What is the point of making your heroes sleep?

[Strategy] What is the purpose of allowing your heroes to sleep when they are already at full health? If you put them to sleep when they are at full health, it means that if you get raided, and they run over your base, your heroes will not need to sleep again to heal from the raid damage. You may like this How do you beat madhouse?

What does guard do in clash of clans?

“Guard is the last bit of time before protection from attackers ends. You can attack others without penalty, but be careful – Guard doesn’t last for long!” Village Guard is a post-shield that allows you to attack freely with no penalty that can be dismissed at any time.

Does the loot cart disappear?

The number of resources will stop increasing at 90 days of not logging in. Like all resource collectors and the Treasury, if collecting the Loot Cart will make some type of your resources overflow, the excess part will remain in the Loot Cart and won’t be lost.

Why can’t I collect the loot cart in COC?

If you are still seeing a full Loot Cart in your Village with an incorrect amount of resources, that is unfortunately a bug and you will not be able to collect it (the game will always return an “out of sync” error). A new update with a fix for this bug (and other tweaks) is now available in your app store!

How long does loot CART stay in COC?

90 days

Should I max TH12 before TH13?

Usually try to make sure they’re all one level below max but everything else is as high as it can go before going to the next th. You’ll spend a few months getting that many pieces up to level 13, and your DE will be capped most of the time keeping you a prime target. You may like this How much is the titanic game?

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