Is there an Underdark in the Shadowfell?

Is there an Underdark in the Shadowfell?

Is there a “Shadowdark” or similar in the Shadowfell like how there’s a Feydark in the Feywild? The Material Plane (or Prime Material Plane) has an underground realm known as the Underdark. There are planes in 5e that were introduced in 4e, the Feywild and the Shadowfell, that are reflections of the Material Plane.

What are creatures from the Shadowfell called?

The Shadowfell was home to a mysterious form of undead called shadows, other “shadow” creatures such as the shadow mastiff and shadow dragon, and a race of humanoids known as shades. In addition to those, there were numerous other inhabitants, such as communities of shadar-kai, Shadovar, and dark ones.

Is Feywild a plane?

The Feywild is one of two planes that parallel the (Prime) Material Plane, which is ground zero for common D&D adventures.

Is Barovia in Shadowfell?

The valley of Barovia was the oldest and best known of the Domains of Dread. Originally a location in a forgotten world of the Prime Material plane, the entire valley was transported to the Shadowfell by mists controlled by evil entities known as the Dark Powers. You may like this Is a yard exactly 3 feet?

What’s the difference between the Feywild and the Shadowfell?

It’s a wilderness and it’s a dangerous realm of the Fey. And the Feywild stands in opposition to the Shadowfell. So you have the material plane, where the worlds of D&D, like Forgotten realms, Greyhawk and so on. They’re within a material plane.

Can you Shadow Walk to the edge of the Shadowfell?

Wizards could shadow walk directly to the edge of the Shadowfell and travelers could use this plane as a transitive plane to traverse many Prime Material miles/kilometers very quickly. Clerics could use the plane shift spell to travel to this plane.

Is there an equivalent realm within the Shadowfell?

In the Feywild, there is a realm called the Feydark, which is a reflection of the Underdark of the Material Plane. Is there an equivalent realm within the Shadowfell that is a reflection of the Underdark?

Is there a ” Shadowdark ” or similar in ” DND 5e “?

The 2010 4e book, Underdark describes both the Feydark and Shadowdark, where the Shadowdark is just what you are describing. Additionally, the 2011 4e supplement, Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond, mentions the Shadowdark as well.

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