What can you do in Gal Gun 2?

What can you do in Gal Gun 2?

Gal*Gun 2 on Steam. Notoriously lewd first-person shooter, where you find yourself irresistible to every girl in school! Fend off their advances as you explore the school grounds. Use gadgets to expel mischievous demons and upgrade kit like the ‘Demon Sweeper’ to suck the skirts clean off your suitors!

Is Gal Gun on switch?

Japan’s most infamous shooter makes its long-awaited Nintendo Switch™ debut! The Craziest Shooter Yet! Gal*Gun reaches new heights on Nintendo Switch™ thanks to optional motion controls in Handheld Mode.

How many endings does Gal Gun 2 have?

Seven Endings

Why is Gal Gun returns not on PS4?

However, a low price version of Gal Gun 2 was also announced now, and it’s only coming to Switch, and PC via DMM and Steam: It’s possible Gal Gun Returns and Gal Gun 2 (low price) aren’t coming to PS4 due to Sony randomly censoring Japanese games for over a year now. You may like this Is the Chinese Dragon evil?

How do you get all the Gal Gun 2 endings?


  1. Complete all main missions.
  2. Complete Doki-Doki mission with Risu.
  3. Complete all her side missions.
  4. Complete her Doki-Doki mission.
  5. Complete Kurona’s return mission.
  6. Skip to final day when prompted.

How do you get the end of Nanako?

Nanako’s Ending A

  1. Give Nanako foods until she loves you plenty, in order to unlock her side missions.
  2. Do all her side missions and click on her when a “!” appears near you. Beware, one of them is kinda hidden. It’s located on the classroom’s left door.
  3. Go to final day when you get prompted about the ending.

How do you upgrade the Demon sweeper?

The Demon Sweeper upgrades come naturally through doing missions for the endings except for one part. When your score is high enough, you will have to do the free mission, “Bring the Banana Bandit to justice!” to unlock a new part.

How do you upgrade pheromone goggles?

The Goggles upgrades come naturally through doing missions for the endings except for one part. You need to do all six search free missions and after completing the last one, “Searching for surströmming…” to unlock a new part.

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