What do you do after you kill the gargoyles in Dark Souls?

What do you do after you kill the gargoyles in Dark Souls?

After killing the gargoyle, you might spend your souls to increase your level. You can return to a closest bonfire (Firelink Shrine) or discover a new one (a way there is not too tough).

What does ringing the bell do in ds1?

Ringing the bell in Quelaag’s Domain first will have no different effect than if the player rang the Undead Parish Bell first. Although this will cause Lautrec’s questline to progress, leading to the death of Anastacia. The Bells of Awakening were used to awaken Frampt.

What do you do after you ring the first bell?

Once you have rung the first bell, return back to your bonfire by consuming a Homeward Bone or using the Dark Sign. You equip them using (END) If they aren’t already. It will teleport you back to Undead Parish. Spend Souls on leveling up and/or buying items before heading back up to the Cathedral.

Where do I go after first bell?

The “official” path is to take the key from the front steps of the Undead Parish (near that porticullis that dropped), backtrack across the bridge with the Hellkite Drake (try not to get set on fire), and go through the locked door at the end near Solaire. You may like this Who named Colour?

What level should I fight Moonlight Butterfly?

Well… The Moonlight Butterfly can be killed by almost ANY level Pyromancer or anyone with fire spells, as it has a ridiculous weakness to flame damage and one fireball will do something like 300-500 depending on your Pyromancy Flame’s upgrade level. It has like 1500 HP, so you can see how big of a hit that is.

Can you kill the moonlight butterflies in the Crystal Cave?

Moonlight Butterflies are one of Seath’s many creations. The Butterfly in the Darkroot Forest is a boss and attacks as soon as its room is entered, but those found in the Crystal Cave are passive and will not attack the player unless provoked.

Can you warp back to Duke’s archives?

There is no warp to the Duke’s Archives. Anor Londo is the closest warp.

Where do you go after seath kills you?

You’ll eventually open up a pathway back to the other side of the archives where you fought Seathe. If you haven’t died since then, you should go recover your souls and humanity in the Seathe room. Just run in, grab them, and the fog door lets you go back out or you can just homeward or homeward bone.

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