What kind of Pokemon can take advantage of Quagsire?

What kind of Pokemon can take advantage of Quagsire?

Celebi can take advantage of Quagsire to set up Nasty Plots and heal any Toxic damage with Natural Cure. Other Pokemon that use Grass-type coverage moves like Infernape and Nihilego are capable of luring in and OHKOing Quagsire.

Which is the best Gengar to use on Zygarde?

Defensive variants of Primal Groudon especially value Mega Gengar to dispose of Zygarde with Icy Wind as well. Primal Kyogre can pressure Mega Gengar’s checks like Primal Groudon, Ho-Oh, and various Arceus formes. Both physical and special variants are capable of fitting alongside Mega Gengar to take down each others’ checks.

Who is the only Pokemon that can baton pass ingrain?

The Chain. As for the rest of the team, two Pokemon are almost required in the chain: Smeargle and Mr. Mime. These Pokemon prevent phazers from stopping you from completing your strategy. Smeargle is the only Pokemon who can Baton Pass Ingrain, whereas Mr. Mime has access to Soundproof to block Roar and Perish Song.

What kind of attack does Quagsire use in Smogon?

Earthquake is a secondary STAB attack that does somewhat decent damage, 2HKOing Tentacruel, Infernape, and Empoleon. Recover is used so that Quagsire can sustain its HP against the Pokemon it is meant to counter while also ensuring that Quagsire can Toxic stall foes. You may like this What level does Nidorina evolve sword?

Who is the best Lucario for Primal Kyogre?

Primal Kyogre also appreciates Mega Lucario’s ability to break through many of its defensive checks such as Chansey, Blissey, and Ferrothorn. Xerneas has brilliant offensive synergy with Mega Lucario, as it is able to easily break through teams and deal with foes such as Yveltal, Zygarde-C, and Marshadow.

What can you do with Magic guard on Alakazam?

Magic Guard in tandem with Life Orb allows Alakazam to fire off powerful, boosted attacks without having to suffer Life Orb damage. First and foremost, Alakazam is very frail, so make sure that it’s pivoted in via VoltTurn or free switches for the most part. However, Alakazam can be pivoted into special attackers like Toxapex.

What’s the difference between a regular Alakazam and a mega alakzam?

However, Mega Alakazam to some extent struggles to hurt some bulkier teams due to the presence of Magearna, Celesteela, and Ferrothorn. Regular Alakazam’s niche lies in its access to Magic Guard, which allows it to run a Life Orb set that, just like Mega Alakazam, can switch into threats like Heatran reliably and force them out.

Which is the best type of attack for Lucario?

Meteor Mash is Mega Lucario’s most reliable Steel-type attack, dishing out heavy damage to common Fairy-types such as Xerneas and Arceus-Fairy, and is Lucario’s most effective way of dishing out damage to Mega Salamence, Rayquaza, and Arceus-Flying. It is also Lucario’s only means of hitting common Ghost-types such as Marshadow, Mega Gengar,

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