Who has the most trophies PS4?

Who has the most trophies PS4?


Who has the highest PSN trophy level?

Stephen “smrnov” Rowe

How many levels does a platinum trophy give?


Who has the most stars on PlayStation?


RankPSN NameTotal

Why am I not getting ps4 trophies?

First please make sure you have the latest game updates and the issue still occurs after restarting the app and using fast travel in the game. A possible solution to try is manually syncing trophies. The PlayStation 4 Load Game screen will appear, with a list of your save games as well as backup files.

How do I fix Trophy error on PS4?

Your trophy data may be corrupted.

  1. Use a USB device to back up any data.
  2. Delete your local user.
  3. Make a new local user and sign into your PSN account.
  4. If you still see this error, try restarting your system in safe mode option 6.
  5. If option 6 doesn’t work try safe mode option 7.

Can you get trophies on PS4 offline?

1 Answer. The trophies cannot be viewed offline with the PS4 like with the PS3 (you cannot toggle between online and offline), but you can still earn trophies by being offline. You will just need to connect online to sync them to your PSN account.

Can I still get trophies if PSN is down?

You can definitely earn Trophies while playing PS4 games offline, but if you try to look at your list when you’ve disabled the console’s internet connection, you’ll get the following error message: Like on the PS3, you also can’t view your friends list or your own profile on PS4 while offline.

Can you still get PSN trophies offline?

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