Are Druids good TBC?

Are Druids good TBC?

Restoration Druid was excellent in Arena (as you said). If you want a druid in TBC choose anything, but balance. Moonkin start to be good at wotlk, the best was resto for pve and pvp. Oh, and back then Hybrid dps were awful compare to pure dps.

Are feral druids good in TBC?

Feral had a hard DPS cap actually, because it scaled with agility directly and there was only so much agility per raid tier. If you weren’t competing with a rogue for gear you were fine. I played feral in TBC and it was awesome. I was an off tank /dps in raids and I’d often do both jobs in a single boss fights.

What is the best tank in TBC?

TBC Tank Rankings

  • Druid. 1012.06 TPS 100%
  • Paladin. 848.28 TPS 83.82%
  • Warrior. 825.53 TPS 81.57%

Can Paladins tank in TBC?

Paladin tanks can tank everything well in BC, They have a little harder time gearing prebis to become unchrushable, but it’s not too bad. They are the AOE tank kings by far but have the weakest single target threat, “it’s still good enough”It also doesn’t matter since hunters should be misdirecting you. You may like this What is the weakness of the 2 3 zone?

Are Warrior tanks good in TBC?

Warriors can tank stuff in tbc but druids are the meta tanks. They will be needed for some bosses. Druids are the best tanks in Sunwell when Crushing Blows stop existing sure. In early TBC Prot Warrior is objectively the best MT due to being able to prevent crushing blows and actually having defensive cooldowns.

Is threat an issue in TBC?

Threat is still a huge deal in TBC, however bosses hit much harder, so you have to gear defensively. Depending on encounter, you’ll likely swap out pieces, but you’re unlikely to drop your shield.

Is threat still a thing in WoW?

With the release of v3. 0, WoW now provides the players with threat values on your target. These values are normalized differently: they are 100x damage done instead of 1-to-1.

How do you get the Mechagonian threat?

Complete the Mechagon storyline. The Mechagonian Threat is a quest achievement earned for completing the Mechagon storyline.

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