Can you cheat on the Ninja Saga wiki?

Can you cheat on the Ninja Saga wiki?

Also, hacks and cheats are not allowed in the Ninja Saga Wiki unless if they are approved by Emagist. If anyone makes a mistake or accidentally submitted wrong content, go into the History of the page and click “Undo” to undo your edit.

Is there a wiki page for Ninja Saga?

Welcome to the Ninja Saga Wiki! The wiki about the Facebook, MySpace and Orkut game Ninja Saga by Emagist Entertainment Limited and the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android game Ninja Saga. Please feel free to help the community build this wiki! However, vandalism and spam will not be accepted.

Which is the best Ninja RPG in the world?

Ninja Saga, the BEST Ninja RPG in the world with 18 million global fans. Spectacular features including the Real-time online PvP, Clan wars & more than 500 animated Jutsus, Bloodlines skills, Pets, Weapons that brings gameplay satisfaction to 100 million players. Ninja Saga | Ninja Web RPG FIRE VILLAGE LUCKY DRAW ~ WINNERS ~ Close ENG | 繁體中文 Home

Are there any cheat codes for Ninja Saga?

Those players who did not look at the basis of the game animated series, have to learn a lot of new and interesting about the legendary little ninja warriors, their exploits and everyday life. You can take advantage of this Ninja Saga Hack and get infinite amount of Gold, Tokens. How to use cheat codes? You may like this Where is L3 and R3 in ps2?

Is there a hack for Ninja Saga virtual world?

In addition to fights, the virtual world Ninja Saga Hack is filled with various interesting activities and tasks, the number of which comes with each new level of passing the game.

How many levels are there in hack Ninja Saga?

To pass hack Ninja Saga has 40 challenging levels, with each passed the following becomes more complicated, updating the weapon is regular, tired of monotony is simply impossible. The application does not require money for updating, but some bonus levels and collection outfits can be bought for real money in the store.

Is there a hack to get unlimited gold in Ninja Saga?

To win victories in a battle, one must be able to correctly prioritize and possess the skills of strategic thinking, the ability to act both alone and as part of a team. With this hack you can get unlimited everything. If you asked the question “How to get unlimited amount of Gold”, than the answer is simple – use Ninja Saga Hack.

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