Can you do MC 58?

Can you do MC 58?

User Info: pegusus123456. Possibly 55, definitely 58. Realistically, you won’t be getting in until your mid-60’s at the earliest, and even then only if you luck out and find an achievement run going that’s willing to carry you.

How often can you do molten core classic?

The raids are all independent of each other so you can do all of them on the same day. Molten Core resets every week on Tuesday. Blackwing Lair resets every week on Tuesday. Onyxia resets every 5 days.

How do you trigger Ragnaros?

You will need 7 people who have completed a quest chain with the Hydraxian Waterlords who will douse the 7 runes guarded by some of the MC bosses. Then after the runes are doused, you will be able to fight Majordomo. After you defeat Majordomo he will go to Rag’s room where he can summon Rag.

How do you summon Majordomo Executus in Molten Core?

To trigger his encounter, the raid needs to extinguish eight Runes of Warding with Aqual Quintessence. These runes are guarded by almost all earlier bosses in Molten Core, and can only be extinguished after each boss is defeated. Once all eight runes are extinguished, Executus will spawn. You may like this Will Kaldheim have snow?

How many douses are in molten core?

40 people

Does molten core need fire resistance?

Its is recommended, but not needed. With the talent revamp and the item revamp you can cover up the former resistance requirements for Molten Core. In earlier patches it was mandatory though. As for tanks, you should have at least 2 tanks who reach the resistance cap with fire resistance totem or aura.

Do tanks need fire resist for Firemaw?

Recommend about 6400 HP to be the OT, and heavy fire resistance isn’t required. Thrash will trigger, at minimum, about 3300 damage with no crushing blows between its two hits and Firemaw’s third basic hit, and Shadow Flame hits for ~3800 with no resist.

How much fire resist do you need for Ragnaros?

Fire resistance is the key to surviving his attacks. Your MT should have at least 300 (315 is recommended with buffs) fire resistance. No member should exceed 315 resistance buffed as it is the maximum effective level of resistance.

Is ony immune to fire?

Onyxia is immune to all abilities which cause a monster to instantly target the caster. So, abilities such as Taunt, Challenging Shout, and Mocking Blow don’t work as usual on her. Onyxia is immune to all fire spells and effects. You may like this What is the strongest weapon in bloodstained ritual of the night?

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