How do you get infinite ammo in The Last of Us 2?

How do you get infinite ammo in The Last of Us 2?

To access it, head to the main menu and scroll to the Extras menu. Once inside, select Gameplay Modifiers. Under the cheat section, you’ll find the infinite ammo. When you see it the first time, you will notice it has a 20P next to it on the right.

Can you get the grounded trophy on grounded Plus?

If you have completed all the chapters on Grounded Plus Mode, you can head to the Epilogue on Grounded Plus Mode, and then simply complete the chapter, and the ending credits will show up. After the credits is over, you will get these trophies.

Is grounded Plus harder than grounded?

The difference between grounded and grounded plus is that grounded is just a hard, new game. Grounded plus on the other hand is when you have already played the game beforehand and any upgrades from your previous save files caries over.

Does grounded mode unlock survivor trophy?

Yes beating Grounded unlocks all regular difficulty trophies, beating Grounded+ unlocks all the NG+ trophies as well. You may like this How do you do Fujin second fatality on PS4?

How do I unlock grounded Plus?

When you finally do play grounded and you are stuck somewhere, if you absolutely need help, you should look up speed runs of the game of YouTube. If you start at the beginning from chapter select instead of starting a new game all your upgrades carry over and you get the trophy for grounded and grounded plus.

What difficulty should I play last of us on?

Hard difficulty

Does last of us 2 have easy mode?

‘easy’ The Last of Us Part 2 offers five different overall difficulty ratings, but Naughty Dog also seems to admit that it doesn’t know what players may need, so there are also plenty of granular options that let you decrease enemy aggression, accuracy, or speed.

What level should I play Last of Us 2 on?

For the vast majority of players, we’d recommend Moderate, as this encourages exploration and amplifies tension in combat, without causing frustration.

What difficulty should I play Last of Us Part 2 on?

If you’re looking for a balanced experience and want to play the game in the most “pure” way, then Moderate mode will probably be the best choice for you. If you really want to get crazy, The Last of Us Part 2 allows players to create custom game settings by tweaking specific sliders. You may like this Is Hawkeye a good avenger?

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